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Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (Jimmie Remix)

Up and coming NYC producer Jimmie has amazed us time and time again with his effervescent future house remixes. Taking on Portugal. The Man's summer hit “Feel It Still”, Jimmie wraps the track in bright synths and smooth percussion that shimmy and shake with an effortless flow. Jimmie bumps Portugal. The Man's original with a heavy The post Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (Jimmie Remix) appeared first on EDM Sauce.

Incognito Artist Cityzen Returns With Another Rave Anthem “Rock Paper Scissors” on CYB3RPVNK

Cityzen is quickly making a name for himself - not only for his sparkling glasses and all-red-everything attire but also for his ability to throw...

5 minutes with Manovski…

Hey Manovski! Tell us a little about yourself and your music! I’m an Australian born, London based producer that spends most of his time in...

Denis First & Reznikov Release Emotional Dancefloor Track “Empty”

There aren't many tracks that hit home both emotionally and on the dance floor, but Russian producers Denis First & Reznikov have mastered the art of that complexity on their...

Helena Hauff makes a gritty techno and electro Essential Mix debut

Helena Hauff is among the elite league of DJs welcomed into Apple Music’s Beats 1 Residency program for 2017, placing her alongside influencers such as Kölsch, Eats Everything, and deadmau5. Taking note of the Werkdiscs label regular’s broadcast mixing prowess, BBC Radio 1 recruited Hauff to provide the final Essential Mix of February.The Essential Mix has had it’s share of transcendent and club-germane techno in 2017, with stellar outputs already from the likes of Adriatique and Pan-Pot. Helena Hauff, however, has disrupted this trend by dedicating much of her mix to techno’s harder, more driving edge. Over the course of her two-hour set, Hauff blends distorted, industrial techno with metallic electro, erratic breaks, and tinges of acid house and EBM.Drawing from the likes of The Hacker and Dark Vektor, the German DJ puts forth a raw, cerebral endeavor that would please Boys Noize even in his most discerning mood.Listen to Helena Hauff’s Essential Mix debutTracklist:1. Obergman – Rosetta 2. Jensen Interceptor – Mactavis 3. Urbanjedi – Journey To Jupiter 4. Sync 24 & Silicon Sally – Clickjacking (Vōx Edit) 5. Transparent Sound – No Call From New York (Original Acid Remix) 6. Fallbeil – Kontrolled Madness 7. w1b0 – Utopia Planitia 8. Sem – Hybrid 9. A Credible Eye Witness – Episode 6 10. The Exaltics – The Crash 11. Dynarec – Moving Corridors 12. DMX Krew – X-ray 13. Drexciya – Unknown Journey IV 14. Drexciya – Black Sea (Aqualung Version) 15. Dynarec – Capital Sins 16. The Hacker – At Night 17. BS1 – The Only Exit 18. Cosmic Force – Bass Drum Kix 19. Aux 88 – Interface 20. Dark Vektor – Vektorial 21. Das Muster ft. Nincho9000 – Fern Und Nah 22. Photodementia – Postpre 23.Micro Controlled Corp. – Life Style 24. DJ Di’jital – Bang 25. The Martians – Eagle Dance 26. The Horrorist – The Virus 27. Alien FM – It’s About The Bangin 28. The Advent – ID 29. UR – Nannytown 30. AS1 – Speaker Sex 31. Paul Blackford – Fallout 32. Adam Beyer – ID 33. DJ Stingray – Nudge Theory 34. Urban Tribe – Rna WorldH/T: 1001 TracklistsRead More:Tube & Berger provide mesmerizing Essential Mix debutMy Nu Leng provide bass-heavy Essential Mix debut StreamListen to Adriatique’s Essential Mix debut

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Rezorecta (VIP Mix)

“Rezorecta” is one of Black Tiger Sex Machines biggest hits. This week, the trio gave their original a VIP spin, replete with dirty, wall-of-sound synths, catchy melodic bass verses, and a mixture of drum patterns that gives the edit variety.This single comes ahead of the group’s EDC Las Vegas performance this Sunday, June 17, at 8:50 PM (PDT). As BTSM’s aftermovies indicate, the group has a dominant fan base in the US, so their debut at one of the country’s largest festivals is sure to be a momentous set.Read More:Watch This: Black Tiger Sex Machine unveil brand new stage show for ‘Music Is Our Religion’ tourRage Against The Machine get an electro re-work by Black Tiger Sex Machine Free DownloadListen to Wiwek and Snails share the decks with Skrillex on OWSLA Radio Episode 15



Rompasso’s self-styled ‘cloud house’ sound lifted his profile to the skies in 2018 when he unveiled his stunning single ‘Angetenar’. Having garnered in excess...


Listen to Skytech’s Groovy Edit of FIVE & Last 60″‘s “Chaos.” Out on R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK

Skytech kicks off the new year with his edit of "Chaos" by rising Italian producers FIVE & Last 60", an energetic vocal tune that's a shining example of...

Nicky Romero Releases “I See,” First Track From Upcoming “Redefine” EP, and Headlines London’s Call of Duty Kickoff Event

Nicky Romero kicks off the new decade with his latest single "I See," a larger than life club track for the modern Roaring Twenties. The Protocol Recordings label...

Jauz & Franky Nuts Team Up on “There For U.” Out now on Bite This!

Franky Nuts is back with another release this month, this time teaming up with Jauz on "There For U." The track receives Jauz & Franky's heavy yet melodic touch in...

Valentino Khan Releases Eliminate’s Trap Influenced Take on “Pony” from Forthcoming “House Party” Remix EP

Valentino Khan's party anthem "Pony" receives a hard-hitting remix by Eliminate, the second track from Khan's forthcoming "House Party" remix EP. Eliminate's remix delivers mechanical, trap-influenced basslines and...

Tsunano – Educational

‘Educational’ is the latest release from Tsunano which is both deep and funky with a solid House groove. After producing for artists such as...

Marcus Santoro Releases Trance-Inspired “Blackout” ft. Lauren L’aimant on Protocol Recordings

Marcus Santoro refreshes the melodic trance sound for Protocol Recordings with his new single "Blackout" ft. Lauren L'aimant. Santoro artistically leverages influences from progressive house, big room, and trance genres,...

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Listen To Oliver Heldens’ Brand New Remix For The Chainsmokers, “All We Know”

Teased just yesterday, Oliver Helden’s official remix for “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers & Phoebe Ryan has already landed. Taking the intensity down more than a few notches, Heldens manages to turn the future bass banger into a groovy, melodic slow burner. There’s no big drop, there aren’t any of the usual sounds we hear from Heldens… instead, this is just a simple and soothing remix with some drums, an addictive bassline and a perfect piano melody. Check it out below: Image via This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Listen To Oliver Heldens’ Brand New Remix For The Chainsmokers, “All We Know”

Soundcloud Clarifies Statement On DJ Mixes, Takedowns Persist

Earlier this week, Soundcloud co-founder Eric Wahlforss released a statement regarding the strictness of copyright-related takedowns on DJ mixes uploaded to the streaming service. After a lengthy period of fear surrounding the threat of possible account terminations, many DJs were relieved to hear that the company’s new agreements would allow for a less stringent atmosphere on the site. According to a new update, however, it appears that unlicensed content in mixes can still result in unexpected takedowns. The new statement released by Soundcloud attempts to clarify what Wahlforss meant about the new negotiations supposedly made between Soundcloud and industry entities. Behind flowery sentences praising the community aspect of Soundcloud, a note was made that original rights holders will still have the full capability to request takedowns. “There have been a number of incoming questions this week from our community around creativity and content on SoundCloud. Today, through a number of agreements with labels, publishers and other partners, there are far fewer takedowns of various forms of content – including DJ sets – shared on SoundCloud. It’s clear from our conversations and agreements with the industry and creative community as a whole, that enabling a place for all forms of creativity to live is important, and that SoundCloud can be that place. With that, it’s important to note takedowns are at the request of creators. While the agreements we have in place across the industry have greatly lessened the likelihood of takedowns, as a creator driven platform, we respect all creators, and therefore we respect the rights of all creators who request to have their content removed. As always, SoundCloud’s aim is to continue building a unique ecosystem where all forms of expression can live and thrive. The community of creators who gather, share their work and collaborate on SoundCloud is hugely important to us. Creators on SoundCloud continue to be a driving force in pushing culture forward in the world, and we are honored to be the place to help amplify the millions of creative voices who call SoundCloud home.” Several DJs have already felt the effects of Soundcloud’s unclear, initial statement. One of them, ak9, posted to Facebook on Thursday to describe his own run-in with the still-active takedown system. According to his post, he included a rework of The Weeknd’s newest single in a mix uploaded to Soundcloud last week. An hour after posting, he received an email stating that the site had removed his mix on the grounds of copyright infringement. Because he had included a rework of the original track, he filed a dispute. After waiting an entire week with no response, he found his account to be terminated, along with his 33,000 followers. Read ak9’s full post below. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Soundcloud Clarifies Statement On DJ Mixes, Takedowns Persist

DJ Snake’s Twitter Has Been Removed Or Suspended

When attempting to share news about DJ Snake moments ago, it came to our attention that his Twitter has either been suspended or removed entirely. Searching for DJ Snake reveals no results, and any attempts to follow tags back to his page are met with the message, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” We’ve reached out to Snake’s team to try and figure out what has happened. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: DJ Snake’s Twitter Has Been Removed Or Suspended

FIRST LISTEN: Zedd’s Remix Of DJ Snake & Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You”

It’s been a long wait, but finally Zedd’s remix of DJ Snake & Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” is out tomorrow! We’ve already heard stellar remixes from Tiësto, Marshmello and Don Diablo, and Zedd will wrap up the official remixes. If you’ve been paying attention, you might have already heard clips of the remix teased from both artists. If you haven’t, take a listen below to scratch that itch before tomorrow’s official release. Photo via D Mahoney Photo This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: FIRST LISTEN: Zedd’s Remix Of DJ Snake & Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You”

Aspire to Inspire 166: JC Boushh [Fan Feature]

One of the biggest draws to the dance music community is the atmosphere. People come from far and wide searching for a safe space where they are free to be themselves, check anxieties and judgment at the door, and thrive in the moment. It’s not uncommon to see signs at festivals with phrases like “EDM saved my life” or “everyone loves you here.” But how can a style of music bring so many people together in such genuine harmony? The answer to this question lies in the stories of thousands of festival and show-goers. One in particular, the story of JC Boushh, sheds light on the amount of healing music can bring on multiple levels. JC grew up as a wacky kid with a big imagination. Throughout his younger years he always seemed to be on the fringes of his age group. With only one or two close friends, JC was often picked on for being too skinny, didn’t socialize very much, and was rather sheltered by his parents. One night when he was 17 (in the 80s), a friend took him to his very first club, Odyssey in Los Angeles. “It was like I went from being sheltered to total club scene kid overnight. I went from 1-100 real quick. It was the first time I started to feel like I was a part of something. The things I remember the most are the music and the mirrors. The Billy Idol song “Dancing By Myself” was from when he was at nightclubs and people would dance with themselves in front of mirrors. It became a cool, accepted thing to do and that was how I learned how to dance.” From that night on, JC was a total party animal. He would be out partying every night, gone for days at a time, and eventually started experimenting with drugs. However, as many people do as their late teens and early 20s come to an end, he tested out the idea of “settling down.” JC joined the police force in Sierra Madre and worked as a detective for the next 10 years. His role in the club and music scene shifted from fan to behind the scenes, as his unit of private investigation oversaw a number of clubs. He got married, had three kids, and seemed to have it made from an outside point of view. As JC’s area of the police force downsized after the Rodney King riots, he was laid off and things took a turn for the worst in his personal life. His marriage had been both emotionally and physically abusive. He had been isolated to the point where he had lost most of his friends, and felt that others controlled every aspect of his life. “Three years before we got divorced, I found out my wife was cheating. I was completely devastated. I was an emotional wreck, drinking a bottle of vodka every day. I could barely function. I shaved all the hair off my head and even got a tattoo. My kids pulled me out of it for a time. They reconciled me about it so we tried going to therapy. For three years it was just miserable. The cheating and the abuse didn’t stop. There were, of course, some good times, but it always went back to bad situations. It was a constant roller coaster ride and it took a huge toll on me.” Much like his teenage years, one of his few close friends was into the rave scene at the time and convinced him to buy tickets for Coachella. He had always wanted to go since it was so close to where he lived, and the fact that one of the few people he had a healthy bond with was encouraging it, made him very excited for it to finally happen. “I spent about $1,000 on tickets. Everyone came to my house to get ready on the day of Coachella. We were all ready to go, I went to check on my wife to see if she was ready, and suddenly she said no we aren’t going. She told me I could, but I knew it would have been miserable and ended up in a fight— so I didn’t go. At that point in my life, I realized that I was never going to get to do the things I wanted to do. I was going to have so many regrets in my life. There I was at 48 years old. So I filed for divorce.” After removing himself from such a painful relationship, it wasn’t long before JC started to feel like his old self again. He moved in with his best friend who took him to his first real festival, HARD Day of the Dead, and he fell in love with the scene all over again. The music, the atmosphere, and the overall acceptance from everyone around him was magnetic. He started taking care of himself again in the physical sense as well. He began eating healthy, working out, and eventually losing the 65 pounds he had gained throughout the toxic portion of his life. Doing so led to befriending a group of guys who were going to EDC Vegas 2014. Upon walking into the Las Vegas Speedway, JC experienced the view that has awestruck so many over the years. With his best friend meeting up with his new group, it was a weekend of healing. “I really felt the love of the community. I finally felt like I had found what I had been searching for throughout my whole life. This was that moment I always wanted. I was loved, I was respected, and I was cherished. It was all of these things that I never got from my parents or my ex wife, whom never thought I was good enough. There were 40 years of not really feeling like I was loved or important to anyone, and suddenly I felt it at this place. It was incredible.” Ever since, JC has frequented shows and festivals across the United States. He also plans to take his youngest son to his first festival this coming spring to share the experience with family. Beyond his involvement in the music scene, JC has also started his very own personal training business as a way to help others feel the way he did when he began to take his life back. The dance music scene has done so much for JC and others like him, which makes it unfortunate that so many critics view it as a problem in our society today. When asked about how he would go about changing the minds of skeptics, this was what JC had to say: “I’ve seen music go from punk rock to rock n’ roll to house. Every single one has some sort of drug or alcohol activity. It is simply unrealistic to make EDM and raving the bad guy because from Woodstock to everything thereafter, there has always been “something else” involved with music and the arts. That’s just life. It’s difficult to explain to people what raving is like. It’s something they have to experience. I think it takes a very open mind and someone who is willing to put down their reservations for a second and embrace life. That’s what it symbolizes to me at least. Embracing life to its fullest. Anyone can go to a rave and say they hate the music and everyone is fucked up in their underwear, but that’s a closed mind. It’s the same thing people thought about Woodstock. They just need to be open to it. The love and acceptance at raves should be a part of everyday life, but unfortunately it isn’t. For some people raves are the only places they can experience this. It’s a small slice of what heaven could be like.” We can all learn a thing or two from JC’s story. No matter how tough things may get, how close to our hearts our problems may be, there will always be music. As long as there’s music, there will always be a safe place to be free. To keep up with JC and his future rave adventures, give him a follow on Instagram here! This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Aspire to Inspire 166: JC Boushh [Fan Feature]

Mokita X The Ready Set – Broken Parts (Original Mix)

The Ready Set is best known for his meteoric rise in the electro-pop scene, however, the producer/vocalist has been transferring his skills to more dance-based productions. His latest is a joint effort with Nashville standout Mokita in the form of a daydream-inducing output called “Broken Parts.” The Ready Set’s glossy, youthful lyrics float atop a sublime bed of chords before the pair detonate a euphoric future trap burst of fluttering vocal chops and sharp percussion.Check out more future bass on Dancing Astronaut here

Mokita X The Ready Set – Broken Parts

Mokita came out of nowhere to surprise me earlier this year with his debut track Dreamer along with the great melody and vocals from Cade on their track Monopoly (released via Armada Trice). Monopoly managed to reach over 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone in less than 4 weeks. Similarly, The Ready Set had a great year including tracks such as Good Enough along with Michael Brun and a great cover and remake of Nico & Vinz’s Am I Wrong. Broken Parts pulls both their strengths together to create a soft, yet energetic blend of summery passion. The instrumental and vocal focus switches back and forth effortlessly as if they are one of the same. “Broken Parts is about bonding over imperfections and finding beauty in accepting them. Mokita’s production had a really cool vibe on this that made it super fun to write too, I love how the track turned out.” – The Ready Set This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Mokita X The Ready Set – Broken Parts

Kaskade Offers Reflective End Of Year Post On His Personal Blog

2016 has been… rough. With the death of Alan Thicke just a couple days ago, it seems like this year isn’t content to just leave us alone up until the very end. However, there have been a lot of great things that have happened this year, too. If you’ve been to a music festival and had fun, or made friends, or saw the best set of your life, that’s worth something. If you accomplished a personal goal; if you finally said “I love you”; if you just finally figured out how to make that damn souffle, you should be proud of yourself. In dance music, Kaskade has had a great year. Every year he reflects on the past twelve months in a blog post, and this year has been quite packed. You can read his words below, and head to the blog here for a lot of tweets, pictures and messages from fans that Kaskade holds dear. Ok 2016, you’ve made your point. Perhaps the most poignant memory of 2016 is the sudden loss of Colleen Burns, who founded a community of friends from all over the world she named “Kaskade Konnect”. Colleen was more than a fan, she was a true diplomat and love ambassador. Her absence is felt every day, though her legacy outshines that sadness. It’s been a tough year world-wide. I read somewhere that this year was proof that David Bowie actually did hold the fabric of the universe together. We lost him and everything went a little haywire. But as we emerge and look around there were some very high points. If we look at our pictures and spend some real time looking at all we’ve shared together, it’s been a landmark year. Holy Ship, the Grammys, Ultra, Redux, EDC, Kaskade LA, and most importantly: all the music. It’s been a new year in a new studio and I’ve never felt so inspired. This is the year I finished The Arkade, and in the last three months, I’ve written more music (yet to be released) than I’ve written in the last three years. Join me in saying ‘bye 2016 and looking forward to what we can crush together in 2017. At the end of this post, I’ve put together a complete library of the music that came out of my brain (and was released) in 2016. Because there’s really no better way to look back than by listening. #LetTheMusicSpeak When you can’t get high enough….#Chicago : @MarkOwensPhoto — Kaskade (@kaskade) June 13, 2016 Image via This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Kaskade Offers Reflective End Of Year Post On His Personal Blog

Eko Zu Releases New Disco Track “Eternal Eyes” Music Video

Eko Zu has just released another tune off their forthcoming EP Eternal Eyes. The trio based out of LA, is bringing a new vibe to live shows as they perform live with drum pads, guitar, and a vocalist. Their newest tune “Eternal Eyes” is a catchy disco track with an uplifting vibe. Featuring guitars and The post Eko Zu Releases New Disco Track “Eternal Eyes” Music Video appeared first on EDM Sauce.


VOLAC delivers Holy Ship! mix ahead of departure

Few events have as quickly worked their way towards legendary status has Holy Ship! Since it’s debut in 2012, the production has made a cottage industry out of a now seemingly obvious combination: dance music and a cruise ship. Ahead of its seventh sailing, Russia’s VOLAC has provided a mix to ramp anticipation for another year at sea.The duo lean heavily into nightbass for their hour long mix, which features numerous originals and their collaboration with Holy Ship! founder Destructo. Also up to bat are the likes of Chris Lake, Jack Beats, and AC Slater that combine for a mix that will have many marking Holy Ship!’s next sailing as a can’t miss event.Tracklist:  Friendless – Actin Up feat. Dirty Hary (Original Mix) Rrotik & Lliam Taylor – Bounce Back (Rrotik Flip Remix) VOLAC – Russian Style (Original Mix) VOLAC – No Love (Jay Robinson Remix) Jay Robinson vs. GAWP – Oblivious Format B – The Scoop (Original_Mix) Chris Lake, Chris Lorenzo – Nothing Better (Extended Mix) VOLAC – Walk Around (Original Mix) Starley – Touch Me (Dom Dolla Remix) DJ Zinc, Shift K3y – Soup Dragon (Original Mix) J. Worra – Alrite (Original Mix) Destructo & VOLAC- What I Got Destructo & VOLAC- What I Got-1 VOLAC – What U Want Jack Beats – Zone (feat. Riko Dan) AC Slater – All About Paper (Original Mix) DJ Zinc Chris Lorenzo – Gammy Elbow VOLAC – No Love (Taiki Nulight Remix) Jay Robinson vs. Pelikann – Gettuh Tommy Trash feat Daisy Guttridge – Sinners (Death Ray Shake Remix)Read More:Destructo debuts two heavy remixes of ‘Renegade’VOLAC release new single and announce No Love tourHOLY SHIP! unveils its 2018 lineups

DA Premiere: Cornucopia releases sought-after ‘Letter For Poly’ on Hoj & Lee Burridge’s new imprint, Tale + Tone

After building a legacy as a primary member and purveyor of the All Day I Dream sound, it’s time for Hoj to move onto the next chapter in his artistic career: launching his own label. His vision has now officially come to fruition under the name Tale + Tone, with the label debuting its 6-track Storybook EP as a vinyl only release on July 21.The caliber of the music thus far indicates that Tale + Tone will soon be a revered institution. Take for instance its inaugural EP through digital platforms — Letter For Poly, by none other than the enigmatic Cornucopia.It opens with a stunning title track that sees Cornucopia targeting bittersweet emotions with a metallic, yet full-bodied synth progression that stays in the mind long after the record reaches its end. Unfolding at a gradual pace, listeners are taken through ethereal soundscapes which bring almost nostalgic, longing imagery to mind. Its addictive and entrancing nature is precisely why a number of artists have rinsed it numerous times in their sets for well over a year now.This emotive approach to track production is one that Cornucopia has demonstrated keen mastery over since the secretive artist began appearing on the progressive circuit with a debut self-titled EP and a hypnotic remix to Guy J’s piece “Temporary Sanity.” Furthermore, it makes Letter For Poly an ideal opener chapter for Tale + Tone’s storyLetter For Poly officially releases on August 4, with more EPs from Storybook artists to come. Pre-order Read More:Cornucopia releases entrancing ‘Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly’ EP ReviewCornucopia unveils coveted new remix to ‘Temporary Sanity’ by Guy J

an-ten-nae – Je T’aime TMN Premiere

It seems that San Francisco will always be home to artists who bring an out-of-the-ordinary twist to whatever medium they handle. One musical artist from California’s North base is an-ten-nae who is releasing his album Medicine today. What is also occurring today is the dojo is providing the premiere of “Je T’aime” a single that we thought was especially cool off the LP. “Je T’aime” doesn’t just play into one style of dance music. If you went on an tried to categorize this one, you’d be using multiple terms; not being able to knock it down under one solid genre. It’s chill, invigorating and an experience. All music is trying to bring the listener an experience and an-ten-nae succeeds in delivering something that listeners will connect to and remember. As we said previously, Medicine is out today, so you can get a copy of the album on iTunes.

@DJDavidPenn presents new single ‘Slave’ Officially out now on @SpinninDeep.

    Spanish artist David Penn has been in the center of the dance music scene for many years. Kicking off his career in the 90s,...

Martin Garrix Plans for Double Release of Two Highly Anticipated Tracks

Martin Garrix just shared a vital piece of information pertaining to his upcoming releases and his fanbase couldn’t be more excited! The producer just revealed his highly anticipated collaboration “So Far Away” with David Guetta is set to come out on the same day as “Glad You Came,” another single Garrix has been teasing as an ID. While the latter is technically an AREA21 track — for his side project with Maejor — fans will be getting a double release from the #1 DJ in the world any day now. Fans on Twitter speculate both tracks will be released December 1. In other words, Christmas is coming early for Garrix fans. “Which song comes out first, ‘glad you came’ or ‘so far away?'” a self-proclaimed Garrix lover asked via tweet. He quickly responded, “same day.” same day — MARTIN GARRIX (@MartinGarrix) November 26, 2017 BECAUSE IT'S 100% CONFIRMED THAT "GLAD YOU CAME" COMES OUT ON DECEMBER 1!!! — Martí Montolio (@martin_montolio) November 26, 2017 Check ’em both out below. Photo via var VUUKLE_EMOTE_SIZE = "90px"; VUUKLE_EMOTE_IFRAME = "180px" var EMOTE_TEXT = ["HAPPY","INDIFFERENT","AMUSED","EXCITED","ANGRY","SAD"]This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Martin Garrix Plans for Double Release of Two Highly Anticipated Tracks

Listen to Armin van Buuren feat. Bonnie McKee – Lonely For You

AMSTERDAM, February 15, 2019 – Especially after a love-scented day as Valentine’s Day, it’s important not to forget that everyone deserves a bit of love....

Aria Nichols – See Where This Goes

Fresh on the scene is Aria Nichols ready to take on the EDM world with her brand new emotional and moody Trap debut ‘See...