Davi Hemann has created an absolute EDM classic with his newest hit ‘It Ain’t Right’. The song starts off slow with gorgeous female vocals and memorable lyrics before it builds to a funky drop. Upbeat and driving, Davi has ensured there are layers of complexity in the several drops throughout the track to make this an absolute party anthem.

Davi Hemann has been climbing his way through the ranks recently and after the successes of his latest remix of Myles Marcus’ ballad ‘Crazy’, the 18-year-old is showing no sign of slowing down. Influenced by a mixture of Martin Garrix, Avicii, Chic and Earth, Wind and Fire, any music he makes is bound to be a sure fan favourite.

As a special treat, Davi Hemann has released ‘It Ain’t Right’ himself to celebrate his 18th birthday and is available to download free now.

Listen to and download ‘It Ain’t Right’

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