Mateo Paz has re-released his beautiful pop ballad featuring the stunning vocals of Asmik Shiroyan. ‘Mine Alone’ is very different to some of Mateo’s other releases but is just as good as it features warming chords and atmospheric elements that add a chilled out feel to the song.

This time Mateo’s ‘Mine Alone comes with a ‘Gain’ Progressive House version with hints of Tech House thrown in. This edit of ‘Mine Alone’ features a soulful male vocalist and a dark, funky beat that leads you into a stripped back breakdown of vocals and synths before getting back into the groove. Mateo’s ‘Gain’ version is an absolute club weapon.

There is one more surprise with this release as M0narch has also put his spin on ‘Mine Alone’ and has transformed it into a dark and eerie Progressive House hit with the use of gritty synths and thumping bass. M0narch has also kept Asmik’s vocals and added layers to add to the eerie feel of the track. M0narch’s adaptation is a very impressive track transformation.

Mateo Paz has had an exceptional year this year with his remix of Deng & Slavak’s ‘Lunar Path’ reaching a top 10 position and the ever-growing success of his radio show ‘Gain’, it’s exciting to see what’s in store for him next.

All 3 versions are out now on Microbios Records.

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