One of the biggest labels in today’s dubstep/riddim scene, Buygore, released the next edition of Freshblood‘, welcoming its 5th volume of the up and coming producers from across the world. From the brand new artists to producers that have graduated to the festival or tens of thousands in the crowd, this wide range of experience is one of the primary reasons that Buygore is a real one to the authenticity of the scene. It’s not about the number of fans or names of festivals of the one sheet. It’s about the talent of the producer.

In the best way, Freshblood brings a horror movie vibe still resonating from Halloween.  The young, ski-masked producer DSVRG’s opens this volume of Freshblood with his track HADES that has a cinematic feel for the extended build to the first drop.  Go Pnik and Stoned Level, both from overseas paired up for their track True Hero, and the lyric heavy intro feels like a Mortal Kombat final fight and currently has the most plays on SoundCloud.  

The next track Endboss comes from veteran producer SVGMAZE that layers in some genre crossing sounds that fit together perfectly. Russian producers ERBES and XTV$’s track Phantom Glitch will keep you hooked from the beginning with the wide range of tempos feeling like a horror movie chase scene, and currently has the second most plays on SoundCloud.  The Ukraine producer Yatix’s track Gunshot” is heavy with a Stranger Things vibe in between the drops.  

The rest of the hand picked and carefully curated list of talented producers include Soundwreck, Lxve Paris ft. Matt Waro, LEGND, Rico Harver and MORF & Spexx representing countries all over the world with tracks that are unique on their own while giving the fans of Freshblood a solid, cohesive and epic rendition of Buygore’s next release of their selected artists with tracks that will be sure to leave an impression on the listeners and fans of dark and heavy music everywhere.

Click here to check out Freshblood Vol. 5 on Soundcloud.