French House music duo, We Are The Lords are back with a brand new release titled ‘Discoland’. Digging deep into the Disco vibes, We Are The Lords have created a real classic with its insanely contagious melodies that are embellished with multiple synths and sound effects that add to the party.


‘You Gotta Get This Party Rocking’ chants over and over throughout the track, which is fitting as that is exactly what ‘Discoland’ sets out to do. We Are The Lords have really captured the essence of Old School Disco whilst offering a fresh and current update to the genre. ‘Discoland’ is intricate and groovy and steers away from sampling, already a huge hit with DJ’s, this is expected to be The Lords biggest release yet.


We Are The Lords are made up of Romaan and Tony Cortez, after both bringing their French artistic touch to London they joined forces to create their House music duo. Since then, they have played headline gigs all over and have even gone on to curate their very own event, with many more releases on the way make sure you keep an eye on We Are The Lords.


‘Discoland’ is out now as a free download.


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