BONNIE X CLYDE return with their newest single “Curse,” a dark and sultry vocal bass track that draws inspiration from the duo’s hip hop rock music background. With its riveting guitar riffs, moody basslines, and BONNIE‘s emotive vocals, “Curse” weaves a compelling tale all the while providing plenty of energy for the dance floor. This single follows BXC‘s September release “Bad Behavior.” Check out what BONNIE X CLYDE have to say about their inspiration for “Curse” below:

“Inspiration for this song sonically came from our background of loving hip hop, rock, and electronic music. Heavy guitar riffs, lots of bass, lots of vocal chops/vocal manipulation. It was also inspired by the thriller movies we love to watch. We envisioned a girl in the backseat of a car while a man drives up to the top of a look out point with the the moon bright over a 50s style car but things go wrong when the man turns evil and the girl falls victim. She’s looking through the rearview mirror, back at herself wondering if being in this position is worth all of the emotions she is going through. The song is a journey of becoming aware of the energy you want to have around you. It’s dark but uplifting, and intense but sultry.” – BONNIE X CLYDE

Dynamic producing and vocalist duo BONNIE X CLYDE have mastered the golden formula of creating music that is both emotionally riveting and dancefloor friendly. Their signature “vocal bass” combines BONNIE‘s gorgeous voice with their melodic basslines and forward thinking production. With new music and their “Bad Behavior” 2019 Tour underway, BXC have an exciting future ahead of them. Stay tuned to see what is next for this unstoppable duo.