Near the end of January, Pleasurekraft released “Rigel,” a crowning musical achievement which acted as a sweeping declaration of their full transition into the techno realm. Though Pleasurekraft’s musical metamorphosis was underway long before they dropped the aforementioned auditory anvil onto the world, the duo have boldly clarified their new artistic direction.

Pleasurekraft’s darker inclinations are reiterated in their forthcoming Maskara EP, which is slated for a February 24 release on their own Kraftek label. Maskara consists of two tracks – the titular single and the Roberto Capuano-assisted “Penetrator.” Sharp-eared cinephiles may note Stanley Kubrick’s strong influence on the release.

For “Maskara,” Pleasurekraft make use of Jocelyn Pook’s “Masked Ball,” which was crafted for a pivotal scene in Kubrick’s 1999 film, Eyes Wide Shut. Throughout the track, the duo transmogrify the composer’s Gregorian-inspired droning chants into a cerebral, club-germane format. Indeed, this deep, dark techno homage to “Masked Ball” would be a suitable soundtrack for an analogous iconic film today. Pleasurekraft’s use of the Kubrickian score comes just after their rebranding of the Kraftek logo to reflect imagery from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The B-side to Maskara, draws upon the talents of Italian Kraftek affiliate Roberto Capuano. “Penetrator” acts as a transitory piece of sorts, blending elements of Pleasurekraft’s new techno vision with a more sinister take on the tech house which once pervaded their catalogue. Dark and brooding, yet rhythmically buoyant, “Penetrator” provides a de facto farewell to the duo’s old stylistic framework, and a bold welcome to their new modus operandi.

Maskara will be released on Kraftek Friday, February 24.

Stream the full EP below:

Pleasurekraft’s ‘Maskara’ EP is available for preorder here.
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