WAVEDASH may not yet be a household name, but the trio of Austin natives is undoubtedly going to help carry the bass music torch forward in the coming years. Barely out of high school, Luke, Gavin, and Michael’s dance music dreams began after school days sharing their favorite OWSLA releases, teaching themselves production DAWs, and guessing by their name, one can only assume, lots of Super Smash Bros.

Cutting their teeth with remixes of Valentino Khan, DJ Snake and Mija, the young bassheads are moving towards what’s likely to be a breakout year in 2017. Following a run of profile-raising releases via OWSLA and NEST, the three man outfit is now ready to roll out their new Hundred EP, led by some heavy artillery on “Like That.”

Most popularly crowd-tested live by Skrillex in festival sets all over the world last year, WAVEDASH’s highly-anticipated setlist igniter is finally done floating around the internet and available to the masses. The new free download comes as standard operating procedure for the WAVEDASH boys – uncut, unadulterated dubstep chaos, ushering in the trio’s official “we’ve arrived” moment. The group’s website also features cryptic symbols and a countdown, presumably to the rest of the offerings on the incoming EP, which will be independently released.

Stream “Like That” below:

Free Download

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