Venezuelan pair Fur Coat have proven one of the preeminent forces in the house and techno sphere, as evidenced by their 2015 Essential Mix and consistent releases across top notch imprints like Crosstown Rebels and Watergate Records. This Friday, the duo officially return to Sasha’s flourishing Last Night on Earth label for a new 4-track EP titled Transcendental.

While their latest EP promises more cerebrally-infused dancefloor offerings, the duo have also selected the mighty Shall Ocin to remix “Odisea.” As one would expect from the Argentinian techno phenom, Ocin has crafted a sinister rework of the track, highlighted by a potent arpeggiated bassline and plenty of guttural sound design. The remix has become a favorite in Fur Coat’s live arsenal, and for good reason: it’s a menacing dancefloor stomper.

Fur Coat’s new EP Transcendental is out on Last Night on Earth on Friday, February 10.

Dancing Astronaut caught up with Fur Coat for some words on their new EP.

What is the concept behind your new ‘Transcendental’ EP? What inspired you to create it?

Our music comes from the flow we have in the studio. We are always in the search of evolving our sound naturally. As we have said before, we can work on deeper tracks or more dancefloor oriented, but melodies are always present. Inspiration on this EP and in our music probably comes from all around. What we have been experiencing before producing it, from music we have played, movies or documentaries we have seen, art, food and life. The mood is definitely set from all these elements.

How and where did these tracks come about?

This were tracks we produced last year. Generally we work on tracks that make sense together and try to build EPs. Especially when it comes to track names. Although we are working during the week in the studio, we try to build and work around concepts and EPs.

Why did you pick Shall Ocin to remix the final track?

Odisea is a track we have been playing since Coachella last year. We played it a lot in our sets since then. We thought this track had good stems to be remixed. We are good friends with Nico (Shall Ocin), we’d been hanging out in Barcelona and playing a lot of his music. One day we were hanging out, and told him we had a track he might like to remix. We showed him and he liked it. He delivered an amazing remix that we’ve been playing in our sets since he delivered. Super happy that he is on board and the work he did!

What has the reaction been like to the tracks so far?

Odisea and Transcendental are the tracks we played the most last year. Both work amazingly on the dancefloor. Now the Shall Ocin remix is really a highlight of our sets.

What else do you guys have planned for 2017?

For 2017 we have a remix for Röyksopp’s latest single ‘Never Ever’ ft. Susan Sundfør. After that we are setting the launch of our label “Oddity” with an EP from ourselves. Plus, some projects of remixes and releases that we will announce over