DJ Dris returns with yet another Afro House track, ‘Eternal Flame,’ featuring the vocals of Roxa Damas. Known for his dynamic and genre-blending style, DJ Dris keeps pushing the boundaries of his creativity, offering his audience a fresh listening experience with each release. Set for release via Born Digital Music, ‘Eternal Flame’ is poised to be a standout track within DJ Dris’ discography, showcasing his sonic originality with groovy beats, mesmerising lines, and inspiring vocal layers. 

Throughout his musical journey, DJ Dris has demonstrated a unique ability to blend elements from various genres, incorporating influences from Afro House, Tribal House, and Funky House to create a signature sound that is both distinctive and engaging. With his career spanning radio show host, podcast presenter, Producer and DJ, DJ Dris’ passion for creative expression remains at the centre of his motivation, supporting his ambition to make his mark with unique and original music. As his release catalogue grows, DJ Dris continues to find fresh ways to elevate the sound and energy of his productions, often incorporating the vocals of gifted Artists into his tracks to add an extra layer of captivating vibes for his listeners to enjoy. Having featured Roxa Damas in his single, ‘Riding Ecstasy,’ DJ Dris once again presents a track with the Vocalist, tying his rhythmic grooves with her emotive sound to deliver another captivating sonic experience.  

With ‘Eternal Flame,’ DJ Dris exemplifies his signature blend of genres while showcasing his innate ability to curate vibrant yet deeply moving music. As the production offers rhythmic beats and rich sonic details, the instrumental arrangement evolves into the perfect backdrop for Roxa Damas’ soulful and powerful vocals, weaving mesmerising synth hits, shuffled rhythms, and driving chordal lines with her inspiring vocal layers. With the interplay between Roxa Damas’ vocal lines and the driving soundscape creating a track that is fresh in sound yet impactful in emotive depth, ‘Eternal Flame’ comes as the ideal addition to playlists for fans of Afro House and beyond, making it a must-listen within DJ Dris’ catalogue of work. 

Be sure to stay tuned to DJ Dris by following him across social media as he guarantees more music soon, ready to capture the attention of genre enthusiasts around the globe. ‘Eternal Flame’ is out now via Born Digital Music and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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