The success of AVAION’s debut album and headline hour might still be hot to touch, but this born creator already has new music to share.

Not Sorry’ is a dancefloor empoweree with lyrics that breathes a sigh of relief in the act of unapologetically letting go. As is true to the AVAION sound, the sonic scape presented is immaculate in emotive energy, and tight dance production.

Highly anticipated debut album Selfreflection dropped in May of this year and has thus proved itself worthy of the hype, and then some. Fan an industry support has spanned far and wide thanks to AVAION’s authentic approach to songwriting, attention-to-detail production style and honourable honesty as an artist.

AVAION’s debut headline tour across Europe swiftly followed and exceeded expectations, calling for a second tour already. A string of sold-out shows toured major cities Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Paris and more, fans experienced AVAION’s never-before-seen live show concept, exhilarated with emotion, the consensus is that this was one for this history books.

New single “Not Sorry’ by AVAION is out now on Sony Music.