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Ever pondered the musical tapestry woven into the mind of a musician? The catalyst that inspired your favourite song, or the technical suave that goes into an indelible groove? Revered UK multi-instrumentalist and producer Youngr presents new album Let The Music Guide Us; a kaleidoscopic portal into his sound, mind and soul.

Across the 10-track body of work, Youngr lays down his sonic mood board of reimagined records, to the original works of the last 18 months that have journeyed from voice note, to jam session, to their final effervescent dance form.

Opening track ‘Higher’ Youngr’s experimental outburst of deep-rooted passion for his craft. Driven by a hard driving tech beat, innate synth work, and embellished with such fine electro-acoustic detail that the listener is transported to a soulful metropolis. Then, in true reflection of Youngr’s own sonic progression it’s not long before we’re getting down on straight-up funky house records The Bam Bam Song and Love in The Room.


With the Youngr sound now freshly emblazoned on our minds, we delve even further into his musical psyche with nods to his circle of influence. Fan-adorned record ‘God Put a Smile upon My Face’ takes elements of the instrumental Coldplay composition on an ambient-electro trip. Whilst ingenious Jamiroquai interpolation ‘Cosmic Insanity’ pays homage to their sound movement, and ballad melodies of Linkin Park are introduced to modern electronica on latest single ‘Tried So Hard.’

As the Youngr story goes, many of the album’s first teasers can be traced back to his real-time studio builds posted on social media; attracting over 100 million video views across platforms and inviting fans along on the creative process with him.

Whatever your point of discovery to Youngr is, Let The Music Guide Us is our closest insight yet into the inner workings of his musical mind. The album release will be celebrated with two sold-out shows across Manchester and London, and as always in the case of Youngr, jumping straight back in the studio, hitting record on the camera, and letting the music guide him.

‘Let The Music Guide Us’ is the new album out now from Youngr on his own Blue Llama Records.


Youngr – Let The Music Guide Us:



The Bam Bam Song

God Put A Smile upon My Face

Love In The Room

Heavy Glow

Cosmic Insanity



Tried So Hard

Bright Souls


Youngr – Upcoming Tour Dates 2024:


XOYO, London, UK – 12th April [SOLD OUT]

YES, Manchester, UK– 13th April [SOLD OUT]

Fluxbau, Berlin, DE – 18th April

Elsewhere Rooftop, Brooklyn, NY, USA – 11th June


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