Canguru unveils his new Trap single, ‘West Goes The Sun’, bringing a production unique in sonic makeup and distinct in musical character: a refreshing listening experience, this latest track from the talented Producer places his originality in the spotlight, offering a soundscape that serves to highlight his diverse range of influences and varied musical background. 

With a production style that blends elements from genres like Alternative Dance, Melodic Techno, and Alt-Hip-Hop, Canguru has curated a sound that is both distinctive and fresh. As he drops more and more productions, Canguru’s talents and expansive skillset continue to be marked out, shining through in the impactful music he creates and the energy he exudes. Having been exploring and expanding on his passion for music ever since his youth, beginning with Classical Music and then turning to the infectious energy of Electronic Music later on, Canguru comes to music creation from the perspective of a knowledgeable and experienced talent, continuing to be driven by his love and enthusiasm for music itself. As he drops this latest release, Canguru ensures that listeners are captivated by his sound, setting his reputation to grow even further as more genre lovers discover his infectious vibes and signature sound. 

‘West Goes The Sun’ brings a relaxing energy, introducing a soundscape detailed with laid-back beats, a rhythmic guitar hook, underlying textures, and a captivating vocal. With the emotive vocals taking centre stage throughout the track, ‘West Goes The Sun’ keeps the listening experience engaging, layering in panned and filtered vocal elements with enveloping melodic details and subtle rhythmic hits. A listening journey that comes as the perfect introduction to Canguru’s individuality and innovative approach towards music production, ‘West Goes The Sun’ is surely a must-listen for any lover of the style looking to discover the stimulating and unique productions emerging within Electronic Music today. 

A Producer whose future within the genre continues to shine bright, Canguru is a talent to keep track of, as he is guaranteed to keep adding exciting and fresh productions to his release repertoire. So, make sure to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date with his upcoming releases and projects. ‘West Goes The Sun’ is out now and available to stream and download across platforms. 


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