No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you … This is indeed the second XiJaro & Pitch release carrying the ‘Chasing Dreams’ title in 2023. Underlining the importance the mantra holds for the Dutch/Belgium pairing, it heralded not only their first single of the year, but also now their first longplay foray.

On Sept 8, the duo cap the summer off with Volume 1 of their ‘Chasing Dreams’ mixcomp. Over a deuce of mixes and almost 3hrs and 40 precision-picked cuts, Xander van Dommelen and Anthony Reyers brilliantly frame their signature sonic. Throughout its two-disc duration, you’ll find the hottest/latest from scene leaders like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Markus, Schulz, Solarstone, Ferry Corsten, Driftmoon and Ciaran McAuley. There’s also plenty from the new guard too, with music from Project 8, Maratone, Dirkie Coetzee, Artento Divini and Madwave. With more than a smatter from XiJaro & Pitch’s own studio, ‘Chasing Dreams’ is the consummate debut mixcomp from two of 2023’s hottest trance names.

Of chasing dreams (and indeed ‘Chasing Dreams’!) XiJaro & Pitch say “We think this is something that motivates all of us. We’ve felt this since we were kids, and we don’t think that feeling will ever fade! Whether our dreams are small or huge, they keep us motivated to push forward. As XiJaro & Pitch, you can likely guess the type of dreams we’re after, and in 2023, we’ve actually achieved a few of them. Playing our A State Of Trance debut at the Celebration Weekend in March was one, and this release – our first very own full mix compilation, is without doubt another!

It has given us the best production opportunity yet to showcase our musical essence in its purest form. We are absolutely thrilled to feature not only well-established icons in the genre but also cast a spotlight on talented, emerging producers whom we genuinely believe deserve your attention. Their music has played an integral role in shaping the distinct sound of XiJaro & Pitch, and we are proud to present it to you here in full force. We had a wonderful time compiling and mixing it and we hope you have every bit as much fun listening. Oh, and if you like what you hear, until we do Volume 2, be sure to also check out our Chasing Dreams podcast, which is now rapidly approaching its 100th episode!

Affected by Norrie Disease from birth, Anthony has dedicated his life in support of the Norrie Disease Foundation, who invest in research and support for those affected. For this reason, a portion of the proceeds earned from the compilation will be donated to NDF, as part of X&P’s quest to make a difference.

Artistically, Disc 1 of ‘Chasing Dreams’ leans more progressive, atmospheric and underground, as XiJaro and Pitch draw on recent works from Maratone, Abramasi, MRPHLNDR and Mhammed El Alami to deepen the ether. Further in, more blissed-out numbers flow through the mix, as music from Dirkie Coetzee, Faith Mark, Paipy, Sentien and others curtain-call the summer. On Disc 2 meanwhile, Anthony and Xander step up a gear, as new material from Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten, Markus, Schulz, Solarstone, Driftmoon and others expand the thinking and elevate the tone. It’s also home to XiJaro & Pitch’s own floor-rocking 2023 singles ‘Invisible’, ‘EVERLASTING’ (w/Emma Hewitt), ‘Time’ and (naturally enough!) ‘Chasing Dreams’.

‘Chasing Dreams’ the mix-compilation hits Sept 8! Find it wherever all good music is sold or streamed [].


Disc 1.

  1. XiJaro & Pitch – The Path of Music and Magic
    02. Maratone & Sharon Valerona – Blue Waters
    03. Abramasi – The Glowing Way
    04. Fonzerelli – If You’re Lonely
    05. MRPHLNDR – The Devil & The Dirty Bird
    06. Selim Ozkaya – Ascension (Mixed)
    07. Mhammed El Alami, Choujaa & EGGSTA – Hold On
    08. Kataploks – Bukhansan
    09. Markus Schulz & Sarah de Warren – Light On
    10. Ciaran McAuley & Émilie Rachel – Move On (Farius Remix)
    11. Eldream & Mark Wild – Farewell Lullaby
    12. Dirkie Coetzee – Heart of Mine
    13. David Elston & Jodie Poye – The One
    14. Faith Mark – Momentum
    15. Paipy – Flower
    16. Sentien – Athena’s Legacy
    17. Driftmoon – Golden Summer
    18. XiJaro & Pitch with Ava Silver – Heart
    19. Damus & Lyd14 – Una Tantum Vita

Disc 2.

  1. XiJaro & Pitch – Chasing Dreams
  2. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten – Magenta (Fisherman Remix)
  3. XiJaro & Pitch with Cari – Time
  4. Artena – Desert Moon [Harper’s Theme]
    05. Daffie & Frigs – Lush
    06. Emma Hewitt x XiJaro & Pitch – EVERLASTING
    07. Project 8 – Ready or Not
    08. Doppenberg & Harshil Kamdar – Meet Again
    09. Mercurial Virus – Cosmos 2.0
    10. BiXX – Symphonic Gods
    11. Escea – See You Again
    12. Allan Berndtz – Black Hole
    13. Peetu S – Surreal Path
    14. XiJaro & Pitch with Adara – Invisible
    15. Izzy featuring Suzy – Save Me [Wish You Were Here]
    16. Solarstone – S3000 (Peetu S Remix)
    17. Artento Divini – MOD / SAT
    18. Madwave & Dreamy – Innocence
    19. JTwo0 & Lyd14 – Universe