In 2023 there’s no better (or neater!) time to remix-rewind a decade to 2013. Incredibly perhaps, it’s now a full 10 since Ferry Corsten collaborated with Giuseppe on the vibrant title track of the latter’s second longplayer.

Outside of its initial M.I.K.E. and Greg Downey offerings however, it’s one that Giuseppe and Ferry have never sanctioned further official remixes on. That’s all until today though, when ‘Magenta’ turns a markedly different shade!

Giuseppe and Ferry’s idea had always been to wait for an artist who held the promise of ‘diverse’ … and they well and truly found that in Fisherman (Isaac Vissers). In its original form ‘Magenta’ was a swelling synth ‘n’ string-fest, but the Dutchman’s reimagined it as a visceral, high-velocity floor-whacker. Beauty turns full beast-mode, as Isaac ups its tempo, tone, tenacity and, well … pretty much everything else in pursuit of that end-of-the-night boom!

Testosterone-trance of the highest order, you can sample Fisherman’s ‘Magenta’ here from today []. Don’t forget to hold tight though …


  1. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten – Magenta (Fisherman Remix)
    02. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten – Magenta (Fisherman Extended Remix)