LARI LUKE has teamed up with Dutch songwriter & artist PollyAnna to release their fourth track ‘On Top Of The World’ on Sony Music. The song is about a toxic relationship and inspires courage – “I realize now that I should have never given you the power to make me so self-conscious. It was a very expensive lesson”.

Last year LARI LUKE and PollyAnna proved with their hit song ‘Jealousy’ that they are the perfect team for writing pop smashers with a profound message. After the last collaboration, they wanted to do another song with a poignant meaning, so ‘On Top of the World’ was born. The single is an empowering and liberating hymn for everyone that had the strength to leave a toxic relationship for good.

When there’s a magic attraction between two people, there’s a buzz in the air and sometimes even butterflies in the stomach. Then everything falls apart, and the person that lifted you just a moment ago reveals who they really are, and before you know it, your self-esteem is destroyed. Finding it difficult to walk away from a relationship, you then one day wake up, empowered and ready to recapture your world again.

Talking about the inspiration behind the lyrics, LARI LUKE says: “There was this boy that one of the writers hooked up with. He kept chasing her for months, and when he finally got her, he started disrespecting her and cheating on her. Her confidence was at an all-time low, and it was so hard to leave him. Then one day, she woke up on Top of the world and said bye to his sorry ass.”

Fitting to the song’s powerful message, ‘On Top of the World’ also shines with energetic retro vibes and a groove-led 80’s sound. The nostalgic tape-noise at the beginning perfectly introduces the throwback tune, and the 4/4 beat that draws you in will soon have you moving on the dancefloor. “Waking up on top of the world now / I’m not gonna come down / not even for you”, PollyAnna puts it straight.