If you’re on the lookout for a feel-good summer anthem that will definitely brighten your day, then have a listen to the latest release from James Hersey with ‘Closer’ featuring renowned Producer duo Chromeo. James has rapidly matured into a global sensation since the start of his career, garnering hundreds of millions of streams globally led by his previous hits like ‘Miss You’, which amassed over 140M plays joined by ‘Coming Over’, which was the launch point of his international career. Chart-topping dance heavyweights including the likes of Filous, Kygo, and Dillon Francis each brought out their own rework of the original and they received massive amounts of attention with each global smash hit. Chromeo on the other hand consists of the heavily talented Canadian electro-funk duo who have taken the electronic dance music industry by storm with 1.4M monthly listeners and a reputation for the production of high-quality and innovative releases.

‘Closer’ depicts a warm and happy atmosphere, with an illuminating style of James’ organic and heartfelt lyrics backed by Chromeo’s uplifting edge incorporated through the classic synth-pop style which cemented their reputation in the industry to begin with. Flushes of catchy melodies and groovy beats from that iconic bass guitar give the production a danceable rhythm bound to get some serious playtime this festival season, making it an unmissable hotspot for lovers of that Nu-disco sound. James’ delicate summer-tinged lyrics tie it all together, exuding a deep and raw connection that gives listeners the opportunity to reach out and experience the message that James claims to be unexplainable in any other form, which highlights the beauty and emotion that can be conveyed through electronic dance music when it’s done just right.

The aesthetically pleasing visualizer for ‘Closer’ perfectly combines each prominent aspect of the track, bringing about a full-on personification of the production itself with a high-quality and unique video that encapsulates all the contentment and positivity that the song has to offer. Representing this release is Glassnote Records, a label that is home to a roster of Grammy Award-winning artists like Phoenix and Mumford & Sons with multi-platinum selling artists such as Childish Gambino and Two Door Cinema Club. Also hailed as the ‘Best Indie Label’ by Rolling Stone, ‘Label of the Year’ at the A2IM Libera Awards, and the ‘#1 Independent Label’ by Billboard, James Hersey and Chromeo are definitely in good hands with this release.

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