The dynamic duo Megan Kashat and Yunus Durali have paired up once again to bring you their latest tune ‘Love You’, this time adding Drop G to the mix. ‘Love You’ is a chill-out Deep House infused track that features a classic slow jam groove and a solid driving bass-line. Megan, Yunus and Drop G have developed a song with layers of complex melodies and rhythms, making sure to include their signature Arabic elements.

Megan’s songwriting talents are behind the catchy lyrics which make this a relatable song. ’Love You’ also showcases Megan’s deeper vocal range allowing for a sultrier take, before leading to a stunning vocal riff in the pre-chorus, making a worthy match to Yunus Durali and Drop G’s production work.

This is the 4th collaboration between vocalist Megan Kashat and Turkish producer Yunus Durali and its proving to be a successful partnership. Megan’s artistry exudes her, as she’s able to be more than a vocalist and is heavily involved with writing on each of her tracks and 2019 is looking bright for the Arab-American talent.

With ‘Love You’ being Megan’s closing track for 2018, there’s much more in the pipeline for the year to come. Make sure to check out Yunus Durali, Drop G and Megan Kashat’s ‘Love You’ which is out now on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Listen to ‘Love You’

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