Trunks is back with a standout fusion track titled ‘Call Shenron’, the production includes elements from a multitude of genres like Trap, EDM and there’s even some essence of Drum & Bass in there too all blended together to create this huge club banger! The vocals in ‘Call Shenron’ are silky and sultry and draw you in leading you to an insane big-synth drop that’s enough to cause anarchy.


Trunks has been making huge waves at the moment with releases such as ‘Landing’ and ‘Nimbus’ with his innovative style of merging Trap and EDM. He has been gaining rapid attention through his Soundcloud racking up over half a million plays and bringing the house down with his DJ sets around Hollywood.


‘Call Shenron’ is out now on Simplify Records who are known for their forward-thinking approach to dance music and there is no better match than Trunks’ productions.


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