Jake Cusack’s full December mix sessions are available to listen to now on SoundCloud. After a standout year in the industry, Jake has put together some of his favourite tracks in a series of 4 1-hour long mixes, including his 2018 mixed album. You can find music such as Martin Occo’s ‘Too Late’, Kinnerman’s ‘Gimme Something’ and George Smeddle’s ‘Rude Girl’, along with some of Jake Cusack’s best hits such as ‘You Don’t Know Me’ and ‘Your Love’.

Jake has become a name worth knowing in the Tech House scene as his top-notch productions have been gaining rapid attention from the rest of the industry whilst his mixes and DJ sets take crowds by storm. When Jake isn’t busy creating club bangers he is running his own record label, Funkdog Records. 2019 is set to be a huge year for Jake as there are some big tracks on the horizon, not only that but Jake is set to make a leap with his label as he plans to reach out to upcoming artists to share his 2 decades worth of industry experience.

Listen to Jake’s December Sessions here:

Jake Cusack Online