Mexican producer Tommy Jones has continued to impress over the last few months, and he has taken 2018 by the scruff of the neck. With enthused audiences in all corners of the world enjoying his powerful productions, he is quickly becoming a household name amongst industry professionals who scout new talents. His newest single ‘Calling Your Name’ is releasing on Digital Empire Records, who have previous for supporting amazing artists.

Starting with immediate energy, the melodies capture the listener and transport them to a summer festival. Building to the drop, the vocal line is quietly understated, then mimicked by the lead synth with gorgeous results. Bass and addictive elements ooze out of this track, and it is immediately stuck looping in your head. Acoustic instruments combine with all the synth lines to build for another drop, just as ludicrous as the first. Even with production powers like those that Tommy Jones possesses, it is still an incredible mix down worthy of note, with a perfectly balanced soundscape allowing every element to punch through the mix.

With the digital resurrection of a tired music scene, Tommy Jones has utilised the digital production methods that this new century has bought with it, and his sound is so unique and so fresh that we applaud this release in the highest regard. Keep your ears open for Tommy, as we are sure there is a big deal more to come.

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