DJ Phonon continues to impress with his quick turnaround of high quality releases since the start of this year. He is a man on a mission to show the world his special talents at production, and isn’t stopping until every has heard his work. His latest release ‘Original Funk’ switches up the sound from some of his previous works and shows his versatility as a producer, with a variety of sounds and styles in his repertoire. The intricate and carefully produced tracks however, are still noticeably Phonon. Full of energy and excitement. We caught up with the producer to learn more about what went on behind the scenes of this release!

So – can you sum up the inspiration behind the track’s name and what made you choose it?

It was based on the ‘Original Funk’ sample I used at the start of the track! It seemed to fit perfectly for the track, the sample.

How would you describe the feel of the track?

Between Funk and Club; a hybrid groove.

How long did it take to complete the track from start to finish?

I would say a couple of months from start to finish. The actual music took a few days. The lyrics and melody were written by Tony B and then sent to a singer in LA, and this process took a little time. I then had to make some alterations to the track.

Do you have anything else in the pipeline for us at the moment?

I have been working on a few tracks that I hope will be released next month. A few collaborations; one with C.Brooks, and two more with TONY B. I also have a few instrumentals on the go!

This is slightly different to the Phonon sound we have become used to – do you plan to do more like this?

I am trying to experiment with my sound, trying to develop it, trying new ideas and different techniques. I would like to write a few more funky tracks in the future, but I’m not sure if the results will be quite like this one.

Did the track start from a single idea, or did you know where you wanted to go with it straight away?

The track started with the guitar riff and a simple 4/4 drum beat at 128 BPM. It had the feel of a cool funk groove which I was hoping for. I did not know where the lyrics and melody would go, that’s the beauty of collaborating with someone. It gets pulled in different directions.

Finally, where can we find the track?

You can purchase and stream the track in all major online music services, such as Spotify and iTunes etc. Please follow me and support my missions! I hope you enjoy the track as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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