Transcending genres and boundaries set before him, Not Your Dope returns with his newest release ‘Broken Child’. Featuring JDAM and LissA, the track oozes energy and contains the production prowess we have come to expect from the German producer over the last couple of years since he started making music. Thriving on making music for people all around the world to enjoy, his simple aim is to create new moods and atmospheres within his music that differ from the tired sounds within EDM.

Influenced by the forward thinking Bass music which has taken Electronic music by storm recently, he adds his own inimitable twist to everything he releases. ‘Broken Child’ begins with beautiful layered piano, guitar and steel drums, immediately showing his interest in combining acoustic and electronic sounds in his tracks. Breaking down with the vocals from the collaborating artists, the track then moves in to a Reggaeton and EDM blended drop, effortlessly connecting the emotion and energy the track possesses. Entering after more gorgeous vocals from LissA, the lead synth is addictive enough to be spinning around in your head hours after listening. This track has all the elements of an instant classic, and proves again that Not Your Dope is here to change the game in a big way.

Garnering support from some of EDM’s biggest online magazines and promotion sources, his name is being heard all over the industry as THE artist to listen out for in the next few months. With previous releases on Dim Mak and Spinnin Records, he is quickly finding his feet in a busy environment and making sure his music is heard by as many people as possible. ‘Broken Child’ is available now via Source.

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