Championed by Techno lovers all over the globe, nej!las has quickly made her mark on this resurgent genre, by releasing incredibly unique and powerful tracks over the past few months. Garnering support from some of Electronic music’s biggest online magazines, she has taken Techno by the scruff of the neck and shown she is prepared to challenge all the institutions laid before her in the genre.

Her last original release ‘The Event Horizon’ received rousing reviews and showed the power her production possesses, encapsulating Techno fans who are loving the new direction of the genre she is leading. This latest release is a remix of Attlas’ beautiful track ‘Kayla’, and she continues her march to fame with a truly powerful re-mastering of the original. With darkness abound, she creates an immediately potent atmosphere, only briefly punctured by the top-heavy percussion. Glorious synths float across the soundscape; drifting in and out keeping the listener guessing as to what is coming next. The vocals pierce the mix and enter to remind us that there is life outside of this nej!las created realm, and bring us back to reality.

The hype around the young producer is correctly founded, and this is just another example of how her new and innovative sound is evolving and avoiding being formulaic at all costs. Techno will never be the same again.

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