Davi Hemann has owned 2018 so far. With big releases such as ‘Blackjack’ and ‘Alone’, as well as multiple remixes – he has received standing ovations from the industry for his incredible work ethic and desire to succeed. ‘Carry On’ is just the newest example of this musically talented teen’s work. With a history entrenched in music from a young age, the 17 year old is just growing in stature in EDM as the months go by.

This new single featuring gorgeous vocals from the talented Ana Clemesha showcases just how much he has grown and evolved, bringing with him his unique brand of Brasilian Bass music. ‘Carry On’ is the latest example of his special sound, full of energy and power which has capacity to destroy any club he plays in. Percussion is on point, and his mix down wisdom is far beyond his years – but one thing is for certain, it is obvious he is able to harness his raw talent of production. ‘Carry On’ could be our favourite track of his yet, and the extra gift of the wonderful vocals is a treat for all Dance music fans who want to slip this one in to their own DJ sets.

There is bound to be much more to come from the young producer, but he has already surpassed expectations.

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