Cam Colston has a habit of delivering the most unique and genre-transcending remixes, and his newest offering is no different. His entry to the remix competition for ‘Bom Diggy’ by Zack Knight and Jasmin Walia showcases everything that makes Cam such a powerful, up and coming force in the EDM scene.

He blends the addictive vocals of the original with crisp percussion and beautiful synth work that encapsulates the listener. The hard-hitting drop is a hectic, energetic explosion of bass and everything that makes EDM special. Combination of synthesis and the powerful drum patterns are enough to make anyone get up and dance, and the Cam Colston remix machine is fully flowing in this amazing track.

Based out of Las Vegas (USA), he has been producing and DJing for years and has gained a name for himself in his local scene as well as internationally. Always playing his productions out at his new shows to various audiences all over, he has more experience than many in knowing exactly what audiences want to hear.

Cam Colston is growing with every release, and this could just be his finest one yet. Find the link to the stream and free download below!

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