New York based multi-instrumentalist Matthew Schultz returns with ‘Promise For Keeps’, which bears all the hallmarks of an instant classic. The addictive, ethereal track is yet another example of why Matthew Schultz is on the lips of industry titans, and sets a remarkable precedent for the coming twelve months.

With over a million plays within its first week on Soundcloud, the expertly crafted EDM track is a genre-transcending exploration in to the mind of Schultz and the beautiful result of his unquestionable musical talents. Balancing his rapidly rising music career alongside work, and also his acting, he has utilised his experience in the music industry to push forwards with his own productions. Former guitarist for Chris Daughtry, he has worked hard to create his own image and his first single ‘Money or Me’ was nominated for many independent music awards. Following that up with more widely acclaimed and Beatport chart topping singles such as ‘Crazy Heart’ and ‘We Own The Night’, he has forged a massive following for his work and has over 500,000 online followers on various platforms.

‘Promise For Keeps’ captures the often forgotten art of song writing, with the vocals so elegantly flowing over the rest of the track with utmost precision. The unique synthesis combines with a bass line sure to ignite any dance floor whilst not being abrasive or overpowering, as is often the case in EDM. Crisp percussion and airy reverb add even further atmosphere to the soundscape and shows that Schultz and his inimitable style continue to grow and evolve as time goes on. The track has the ability to be perfectly suited to a car, a club, a party or even a run, and that versatility is proof that ‘Promise For Keeps’ is a true masterpiece in modern music production.

Sure to be played at festivals all over the globe this coming summer, Matthew Schultz has created a wonderful piece of music, which will appeal to anyone and everyone, and you can find the stream/buy links below.

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