Up and coming Korean producer Demicat has released an EP full of ambient surprises. Oredorok, includes five tracks, each of which contain a completely different compilation of Korean cultural elements in addition to electronic aspects. A fusion of details from Demicat’s own culture combined with his placement of melodic electronic features cultivates a spiritual sentiment within listeners, as each song is set to provide a transcendent experience with calming downtempo beats and mesmerizing segments of intricately layered sounds.

One of the artist’s most expressive tracks on the EP is “Light” featuring Neon Bunny. The track, which incorporates traditional Eastern instruments, is built upon soothing vocals, Korean lyrics, a laid-back downtempo beat. Demicat has been in the game for several years now, and is known for his creative perspective, utilizing staggering production techniques that have separated him from the masses. With the release of Oredorok, the artist has taken the next step in his musical endeavors, bringing together his distinct electronic and culturally specific sounds.

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