Arguably, no song on Woman better captured the powerful electro and disco prowess of Justice than its second single, “Randy.” The formidable rhythms and electrifying guitar riffs which dominated the song harkened back to the raw energy of the duo’s Cross days while also remaining stylistically in touch with their more modern inspirations. The notion of improving “Randy” through a higher octane recalibration almost seems sacrilegious, however, if any person could do the rendition justice, it would be the inimitable Boys Noize.

For his rendition on the piece, Alex Ridha opts to harness strictly the song’s rawest components in order to bring them to the next energetic echelon. Boys Noize begins with the recognizable guitar of Justice’s original composition before erupting into a fusion of electro, techno, and disco. The Berlin artist’s take on “Randy” is heavily stirring, but also blithe and upbeat. It takes a remarkable producer to build upon the work of Justice and come out the other side with an output of a tantamount value. Suffice it to say, Boys Noize is a remarkable producer.

Boys Noize’s take on “Randy” will be released on May 12 as part of Ed Banger’s 100th release compilation, ED REC 100. Stream the remix in full below:

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