In 2013, Tiga joined forces with Audion, Matthew Dear’s elusive techno alias, to create “Let’s Go Dancing.” The pairing of the two artists proved to be incredibly fruitful, with the anthemic, vocal-heavy end product achieving longstanding ubiquity in club sets and remixes from impressive names such as Solomun and Adam Beyer. Indeed, many regard the single to be both Tiga and Audion’s most recognizable work to date.

Tomorrow, April 7, Tiga Vs. Audion will release their first collaboration since “Let’s Go Dancing” with the Nightclub EP. For their new compositional convergence, the producers veer in a different stylistic direction than their prior hit. Where Tiga’s vocal mantras took center stage in “Let’s Go Dancing,” Nightclub sees him and Audion opt to focus on their unique production styles.

The duo’s three-track EP, which is mostly instrumental, highlights the experimental, retro-inspired compositional skills upon which both veteran producers have built their careers. “Stabbed in the Back,” the lead track off of the release, evokes a similar bizarre playfulness as “Let’s Go Dancing,” but does so through purely through lo-fi synthesis, peculiar bass patterns, and undulating percussive loops.

The following two tracks on the release, “Pink Bells” and “NonStop,” delve into Tiga and Audion’s cerebral tendencies. Bolstered by a haunting synth motif, “Pink Bells” progresses throughout its course to become increasingly hectic and visceral, reaching a state of organized sonic chaos before eventually fading out on the legs of its pervasive musical feature.

“NonStop” begins on a beguilingly blithe note, with the simplistic, muted melodic lead intermittently reaching points of cacophony. Punctuated by aggressive periods of percussion, “NonStop” is the only track on the EP to feature Tiga’s recognizable voice as a key component, as he nonchalantly recites the titular phrase recurrently throughout the course of the song.

Though Tiga and Audion’s direction in Nightclub is about as aberrant from “Let’s Go Dancing” as possible, their choice to fuse older stylistic techniques with innovative conceptual elements stands as a strong choice in their conceptualization of the EP. Hopefully, it won’t be another four years before we see the legendary pair join forces once more.

Preorder the EP here.