UK-based producer Muzzy is globally known for a his futuristic, experimental drum and bass virtuosity. Capable of conjuring up some far-reaching soundscapes that guide listeners through a heavy offering of ethereal cadences and deft production work, the producer demonstrates his unparalleled ability to construct a sonic storyline with every project. Following his outstanding F Minor Factory EP that spotlighted a grand narrative of a cyborg-controlled society, Muzzy has returned with his latest creation in the form of a high-powered piece, “Spectrum” off his forthcoming eponymous EP.

“Spectrum” embodies its title, carefully growing with a gentle timbre and room-filling string measures before being joined by an airy serenade. Leaving no time to catch your breath, the song then drastically lifts off into an elevated electro fury, fueled by energized drum and bass patterns sprinkled with melodious ornamentation. Breaking boundaries with every release, keep an eye out for the rest of Muzzy’s Spectrum EP, out April 17th on Monstercat.

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