As Seth Rogen’s Dale Denton famously remarked in Pineapple Express, “Everyone likes smoking weed. They have for thousands of years. They’re not gonna stop anytime soon. It makes everything better. Makes food better. Makes music better. It makes sex feel better, for God’s sake. It makes shitty movies better, you know?”

And damn it if he didn’t hit the nail on the head all those years ago. Weed does all of those things, and that’s essentially an empirical fact, especially in terms of sonic satisfactions. It’s called jazz cabbage for a reason, right?

Today marks one of America’s most illustrious cultural phenomena: 4/20, the sanctified day of the stoner. With people toking up all over the country today we’ve decided to put together two playlists with flavors de fumar for both sativa stalwarts and the indica enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re the casual smoker packing a plump bowl your favorite sticky, the timid edible eater, or the dude dabbing a wax snake into some reverse osmosis contraption, turn one of these on, hit shuffle, and pass the Dutchies.

Stream the heavy-handed Sativa Playlist, and the laid-back Indica Playlist below.

Sativa Playlist:

Indica Playlist: