Galantis are true experts in the field of bubbly dance-pop that never fails to put a smile on their fans’ faces. Their talent was recognized by the greater electronic realm early on in their development, leading to a swift climb to becoming one of the most recognized names in the commercial house arena. “Pillowfight,” their jubilant, anthemic clip released in December of last year exemplifies this notion and has since become a widely adored addition to their catalog.

The duo have now returned with rising star CID in tow with a brand new, VIP rendition of the original. The collaborative edit leans even more in the dance music, adding heavier kicks into airy mixture of synths and delectable vocals. Its chord progression is switched slightly and takes on a more muddled tone, complimenting extra samples and sound layers also present in the VIP to make “Pillowfight” more appropriate for the peak of a set rather than as a euphoric closer. Ultimately, however, both version shine on their own, and will surely be happily consumed by their fanbase in the coming months.

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