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Facebook Doubles Down On Live, Adds New Live Video Feature To Instagram

Facebook Live has asserted itself as one of the breakout features of 2016, and has changed the way friends can interact, and the feature has even found a place in news, informing the public of current events like the DAPL protests. Now, Instagram has launched their own Live Stream feature, which will be become available to iOS and Android users across the next few days. The main difference between Facebook Live and Instagram Live Video will be the fleeting nature of Instagram’s new feature. Instagram Live Video will disappear after the stream ends, never to be seen again, but it’s only a matter of time before other applications pop up to solve that problem. The company is hoping that by making the feeds temporary, users will be more inclined to stay on the app so they don’t miss out on a groundbreaking once-in-a-lifetime video. Users will be able to scroll through relevant “Top Live” videos under the “Explore” tab, but it remains to be seen how the new addition is utilized and how popular it becomes. Source: BGR This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Facebook Doubles Down On Live, Adds New Live Video Feature To Instagram

Your EDM Interview: Vandalism

This week we were able to chat with production/vocal duo Vandalism, who have recently dropped a fiery new single ‘Forever’ on Vicious Recordings. Check out what they had to say below. If you could sum up Vandalism in three words, what would they be? Positive Club Vibes. When did you start working together, and what initially brought you to make music? We’ve actually been around quite a while, we started Vandalism in 2005. Cassie and I met when I was part of the group Madison Avenue. She was a dancer in the music video for our song ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ and then toured with us around the world for 2 years. Where do you draw your major musical influences? There’s so many, it’s endless really. Daft Punk of course has always been a huge one. We both love old school funk, so we play that a lot at home. And there’s so many great dance producers out there that inspire us also. Do you have a certain system that you stick to when making tunes, or does it differ every time? Most of the time I will write an instrumental and then Cassie will write the top-line over that. But sometimes it can be the other way around. You’ve just worked with the legendary Tommie Sunshine and Disco Fries on ‘Forever’ – what did you learn from the experience? That each of us has great things to offer & bring to collaboration. From studio skills to melodic hooks, to vocal ideas and arrangement, and more. Do you get more of a buzz producing or playing out? We definitely get a huge buzz in the studio if we have written a good track. Maybe not so much when it’s not so good, ha ha! But creating a song and then seeing people dance and smile to it really is something special. And the energy we receive from performing live is like no other. It’s really hard to choose between the two, as the creative and the performance sides are such huge parts of us.  Lastly, what can we expect from you next year in terms of new music? We are working some great new tracks, we’ve 2 really strong ideas we are finishing up at the moment. Should be out around February or March. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Interview: Vandalism

Artists Are Refusing To Play Trump’s Inaugural Ball

The United States Presidential election was rough, there’s no way around it. With abhorrent candidates on both sides of the spectrum, there was bound to be disapproval with either result, and the effects of November 8th have continued to ripple into today. Despite a rather large purse, Trump’s inaugural committee has been scouring the land to find artists that will play his Inaugural Ball. Sir Elton John was the first choice, but unsurprisingly, John turned down the offer. Trump’s team has since been looking into securing talent like Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, and reports claim they’ve even offered to pay these artists’ fees, some of which reach well into seven figures. Compensating talent for the Inauguration performance is unheard of, and Trump’s spokesman Boris Epshteyn has denied these allegations. As one talent manager explained to The Wrap, the main factor is artists not willing to “agree to normalize and service some of the hate groups that have supported Trump.” For the time being, Garth Brooks, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent are the only artists reported to be in talks… Source: Consequence of Sound, TheWrap This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Artists Are Refusing To Play Trump’s Inaugural Ball

Slushii Confirms Two Upcoming Monstercat Releases

Our favorite bright haired producer has just confirmed two releases on Monstercat. Slushii has previously released a couple tracks on Monstercat that have reached major success, so it makes sense to continue the trend. The photo below, taken from the subreddit for Monstercat, shows that Slushii will be releasing not just two ordinary tracks on Monstercat, but two extraordinary collaborations. As you can see from the picture, we will have a Slushii x Laura Brehm and a Slushii x Dion Timmer collab. Laura Brehm has sung on songs like “Melancholy” by REZZ and “Monody” by TheFatRat. You might know Dion Timmer from his filthy releases on Monstercat, or his collabs with Excision. I’m really excited to see what Slushii and Timmer cook up and I am sure that the Laura Brehm track with be a future bass gem with some stunning vocals. Check back with us to listen to the tracks when they are released. Listen to his first Monstercat release below. Image by Loren Wohl | Source: Reddit This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Slushii Confirms Two Upcoming Monstercat Releases

NOAHPLAUSE – I’m Back [Free DL]

After five long months of silence, NOAHPLAUSE has finally reemerged onto Soundcloud with a fiery new original, “I’m Back.” Featuring his signature mix of hard bass elements and a inconceivable synth work, the track comes as the perfect welcome-back present for his ever-expanding base of listeners. It begins with harsh atmospheric growls and scrapes, until an abrasive percussion arrangement takes hold of the track’s focus. Short vocal chops and a rushing swell of white noise lead us to the drop, where spectrum-wide synth wipes swing around the mix above a rumbling sub bass and rolling hi hats. After a second pass, the synths are exchanged for an ungodly series of metallic grinding noises, leading us to the track’s close. Listen below, and check further down to grab your free download! Click here to download the track for free! This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: NOAHPLAUSE – I’m Back [Free DL]

@MajorLazer & @BadRoyalemusic “MY NUMBER” available Now!

  The dons of Caribbean Bass BAD ROYALE have teamed up with their idols MAJOR LAZER to release their new single, MY NUMBER. Featuring samples from Toots & The Maytals that would have...

Party Thieves celebrates Australian residency with 100K #TheftArmy mix

DJ, producer and #TheftArmy frontman Party Thieves has officially announced an Australian Residency for 2017 at Pacha and The Met, making him one of the first American DJs...

Jackal releases “ICE” featuring Karra Music on Mad Decent

Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Jackal is back with another original production, this time as collaboration with singer Karra entitled “ICE”, delivered via Mad Decent. Jackal follows up...

Datsik & Excision Release New Collaboration, “Redemption”

There are a few names that come up when you utter the phrase “gods of bass music.” Bassnectar is usually the first, but Excision and Datsik are absolutely on the short list. The two Canadians have made a point of creating some of the grimiest and most notorious tracks in dubstep, even creating their own respective labels Rottun and Firepower. Today, they’ve just released their new collaboration “Redemption,” the first collab from the two to be uploaded to UKF Dubstep. If you’ve listened to either artist individually or together before, you can already sort of guess what this will sound like. Pounding drums, classic dubstep synths, crisp production, it’s all there. There’s no doubt that fans would go absolutely mad when this is dropped live, but listening at home, it seems a little safe for both artists. This will be featured on Datsik’s forthcoming Sensei EP due out December 16. Image via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Datsik & Excision Release New Collaboration, “Redemption”