A rising star of the moment, French DJ and producer Rivo is set to release his widely recognized and highly anticipated rework of Armin van Buuren’s iconic track ‘In And Out Of Love’.  The rework will be available on June 28, 2024 via Armada Music.


Pre-save Rivo vs Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon Den Adel – In And Out Of Love


Rivo’s emotional Afro-house rendition offers a fresh, dynamic take on a beloved classic, channeling the artist’s unique style that has captivated audiences worldwide in recent months. Already popular thanks to multiple teasers across social media, the track boasts more than 15 million combined views on TikTok and has become a staple in Rivo’s sets across stages globally. Fans of both Armin van Buuren and Rivo have eagerly anticipated this release, actively engaging with videos and tagging Armin to spread the word.


On how the remix came about, Rivo said: “I heard [‘In And Out Of Love’] in a club and was instantly mesmerized by the voice and the emotion—it was like the chant of a mermaid. I knew I had to create a track with it. I made a rough demo, tested it live the same night and posted it on TikTok. The response was overwhelming, and Armin reached out three days later.”


“Rivo’s remix of ‘In And Out Of Love’ brings a refreshing energy to the track,” said Armin van Buuren“I am thrilled to see how he transformed it and I’m excited for our fans to experience this unique rendition. Supporting new talent has always been a priority for me and the world’s appetite for Rivo’s creativity and passion makes this collaboration a no-brainer.”


Rivo added: “I’m incredibly honored to have the track released on Armada and I’m deeply grateful to Armin van Buuren for his support.”


This moment marks the second time Rivo’s work has been picked up by the original artist, preceded by his remix of Disclosure’s ‘You & Me’ that turned into a global hit.


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