Can you tell us more about your spin-off project “Earl the Kid presents: EARLITO” and what inspired you to create a softer version of your main project?

Answer: Couple of years ago I did realise I can explore other “softer” genres such as house/tribal house/afro house/melodic so I thought to myself why not expanding and give to my audience more music to vibe with!

You mentioned that you have already released a melodic house track called ‘So Alive’ and have another track coming up in May, as well as an EP in June. Can you give us a sneak peek into what we can expect from these upcoming releases?

Answer: Those “new” labels I’ve been working with are really fresh and professional so I’m super grateful for the opportunity given. There’s more coming up because I have been feeling quite inspired lately so keep an eye out! Shoutout to Justin from Purple Tea Records, Ginchy from Ginchiest Records, Giulio and Ettore from Semantic Sounds.

How do you approach the creative process when working on tracks for EARLITO compared to your main project?

Answer: Oh man the workflow is totally different! For example to produce a full dubstep track it will take me roughly a month but instead for house music I’d say it will take me half of it (crazy right? Haha)

As an artist, vulnerability is often a key element in connecting with an audience. How do you navigate expressing your emotions and personal experiences through your music, especially in your spin-off project, EARLITO?

Answer: I always say “creativity comes in uncertainty” so I’ve probably produced my best tracks when my mind and my heart are completely messed up. Touching on this other genres I can definitely share a different message than my usual filthy and aggressive one. My djsets are longer (from 2 to 4 hours), basically taking my audience to a full journey; my dubstep sets are maximum one hour and a half!

Can you share any specific techniques or strategies you use to stay inspired and motivated during the creative process?

Answer: On a daily basis I do crate digging and exploring new music (I’ve been recently listening to loads of Japanese reggae and bolivian jazz), so I’d say constantly looking for new music in order to find key elements that I can include into my production.

Can you share any memorable moments or interactions with the audience that have stuck with you?

Answer: Oh mate the list is endless! Some of these moments I’m not sure if they can be written on a magazine (I’ll leave to the readers’ imagination). There’s one moment that will stuck with me forever in my heart: after one of my sets in Mayfair, I had a group of people coming up to me saying “for these 3 hours you were playing, you let us forget about our life problems.” That is probably one of the best compliments I have ever received.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music, especially when they experience your spin-off project, EARLITO?

Answer: They will definitely see another side of me which is more introspective and deep compared to the high energy one (Earl the Kid). I wanna show how any individual has a bright side and a dark side!

What can your fans and listeners expect from Earl the Kid in the future? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?

Answer: Everyone please expect the unexpected! I’ve been working on some crazy s**t that will blow everyone’s mind. My goal is to be a complete 360 artist so not just music.

In your journey as an artist, have you faced any particular challenges or setbacks? And how have you overcome them?

Answer: Challenges are my in daily routine! I personally believe that the universe wouldn’t put me through stuff like that if I wasn’t capable to achieve it. I always have a positive attitude and I’ll do my best not to get anxious or angry (especially when I’m dealing with people which I thought they were reliable).

What message or advice would you like to share with aspiring musicians and creatives who are looking to make their mark in the industry?

Answer: DO NOT MAKE MUSIC FOR MONEY OR FAME (it’s all temporary and fake). Please be in love and obsessed about your craft and never settle for less!

Before we wrap up, is there anyone you would like to express your gratitude towards or thank for their support throughout your journey as an artist?

Answer: I’ll try to keep it simple and short but I would like to thank all of these amazing fellas: first of all my parents (they created me so I’m super grateful). Russ, my good friend and also videographer/photographer, we constantly motivating each other and he has loads of patience regarding hearing my thoughts and ideas. Sal Benanti, Johnnie R, Mr Chuwy, Muga and Dj C which are my fellow dj friends. Tony, Rachel, Laurence, Loredana and Robert from Madera by Treehouse which is like a second home for me. The Mano and Giannino gang such as Romain (he is Aquarius like me so we obviously clicked straight away), Vito (who tried to make me dj for 14 hours in a row at Giannino’s Mayfair), Alex, Matteo, Fabrizio, Gabriele, Tomas, Cuba, Boris, Alessia and Simone. From Sumosan Twiga I would like thank Charly (who’s always excited to hear what I’m working on), Nathan, Angelo and Antonio. The best after party in Mayfair called CONCEPT, I would like to thank the team John, Rio, Eedon, Minh, Chei (super hermano haha), Adelina and Marina. Alex, Chris, Saffy and Seng from Meraki (he believed in my vision since the first day we met randomly at Nordic bar). Cade, Vito, Pietro, Katie, Philip and Dan from NQ64 Soho, I mean those fuckers are hot like boilers. When I want to have a night out, I always go to Luxx so I would like to thank Gianluigi, Hannah, Pritom, Alfred, Driss, Kaizen, Jimmy, Simon, Paul, Sharon, Shay. One of best industry parties and best vodka ever goes to Sean from Sauvelle Vodka, what a geezer! I would like to thank my group of brothers like Federico (one of the best real estate brokers in London LFP Real Estate), Tommy and Matteo (super talented drummers), Davide, Gianluca, Antonello and Francesco. Last but not least, IL NICO which he is always by my side, we did share some happy/ sad moments and Arran, one of my best friends who recently moved from London to Vietnam, no matter how far we are, we are still connected from a brilliant friendship. Thank you Thank you Thank you