The talented Producer Clan Brude showcases his unique talents once more with his latest Progressive House release, ‘Redemption’. Fresh from his collaborative EP alongside Hogchoker, fans of Clan Brude are sure to be excited by this next single, impressed with the momentum that Clan Brude seems to be continuing with. Having made his mark with a signature sound that appears original in the range of inspirations it draws from, Clan Brude continues to make waves across Electronic Music, and this latest release once again proves why his music deserves attention.   

With each release, Clan Brude manages to push his own creative boundaries to offer listeners an elevated sound every time: confident when it comes to expressing his unique influences through his music, whether drawing inspiration from his personal life or through the sounds of genres like Future House, Progressive House, and Techno, Clan Brude has crafted a sonic identity that is consistently evolving, emerging as a distinct expression of his ever-growing range of creative motivations. As he drops yet another production, Clan Brude ensures that the musical journey he has crafted so far continues to lead him to exciting ground, reminding genre fans around the globe of his compelling artistry.    

Opening with a powerful low end, filtered vocal lines, and playful arpeggiator, ‘Redemption’ builds in energy as gritty basslines, shuffled rhythms, and risers join the mix. The thumping beat, glowing synth lines, and pulsing pads that enter after the first breakdown build the full-bodied sound of the drops, creating an intoxicating vibe that soon breaks once again as Clan Brude takes the time to raise the intensity, creating atmospheric tension through the breakdowns. A track with consistent shifting energy, surprising the listener with each twist and turn, ‘Redemption’ makes for a thrilling sonic experience and one surely not to be missed.  

As Clan Brude appears unstoppable in his determination to bring his listeners high-quality tracks, continuing to build his production catalogue with each release, the talented Producer ensures that he continues to make a name for himself. So, be sure to watch Clan Brude closely as he promises to deliver more productions to listeners soon. ‘Redemption’ is out now and available to stream and download across platforms. 


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