Freekbass presents his newest House/Funk/Disco track, ‘FREEK MACHINE’, a driving production that places his compelling signature sound at its centre. As he continues to carve out his place within Electronic Dance Music, ensuring his individuality remains paramount throughout his work, Freekbass is becoming known for his sonic innovation and integration of live instrumentation, both within his productions and live performances. With the release of this latest single, Freekbass adds another energetic production to his discography, once again inviting listeners to discover the musical vibrancy of his creativity and the captivating energy of his sonic persona.  

With a signature style that ties together Funk flavour with hard-hitting beats, Freekbass appears as a distinct creator on the Electronic Music scene, recently gaining attention through his work within the world of musical live streaming. Just this year, Freekbass was crowned a winner for TikTok Live Fest: an accolade that further cemented his promising potential, serving as a credit to his talents when it comes to innovating within the genre. With skills that range from playing various instruments, notably the bass guitar and keys, to constructing funky grooves and bold melodic hooks, Freekbass’ music emerges as a unique expression of his experiences and skillset, appearing distinctly original in sound. 

This new track comes as further proof of Freekbass’ inventive signature style; blending energetic guitar riffs with shuffled rhythms, ‘FREEK MACHINE’ epitomises Freekbass’ sound, welcoming listeners into a groovy soundscape that pushes boundaries to showcase his individuality and creativity. As the track layers in a bouncy bassline, catchy vocal hooks, driving beats, and dynamic underlying melodies, ‘FREEK MACHINE’ delivers a refreshing sonic experience, one that will no doubt see fans of Freekbass enthralled by this latest addition to his catalogue and excited to hear what the talented Producer will offer them next.  

So, uncover the unique energy of ‘FREEK MACHINE’ for yourself and make sure to keep an eye on Freekbass by following him across social media. ‘FREEK MACHINE’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.  


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