TATE SEDAR, the master of reflective production and vocal innovation, has just dropped “Wish I Could” – a pop-tech anthem infused with the raw emotion of unrequited love. This track thrills with its dynamic bassline, somber LFOs, and pop-friendly harmonics, heralding a fresh chapter in tech house tailored for the mainstream ear. The lyrics poignantly capture the shifts in relationships, highlighting how sometimes our resistance to change or comfort in the familiar can hinder growth.

“Wish I Could” draws inspiration from the tech house vibes of both club scenes and intimate afterhours that TATE has soaked up around his Southern California home. The song blends catchy pop hooks with dreamlike textures, melodic vocal cuts, and sharp 808 snare beats. TATE’s signature style shines through with airy lead synths, energetic drum fills, and pulsing lasers, offering a sound that’s both innovative and familiar. This unique mix of old and new, analog and digital, marks TATE’s bold foray into ‘post-EDM,’ challenging the norms of electronic music.

Since 2020, TATE SEDAR has emerged as a standout name on the global stage, beginning with his electrifying debut at the Insomniac Discovery Project: EDC Virtual Rave-a-Thon. By 2022, he had joined the Insomniac Artists roster and amassed over 5.7 million plays in 2023 alone. His tracks have dominated EDM platforms, with “Heaven” making waves on EDM.com and “Find a Way” capturing over 104,000 views on its music video. TATE’s DJ sets have seen him share stages with icons like Dada Life, Don Diablo, and Wolfgang Gartner.

Raised in San Francisco with stints across the US and UK, TATE’s exposure to a variety of musical influences has deeply shaped his approach. From early experiments with his parents’ electronic records to formal training at Point Blank Music School, his journey has been both self-driven and academically enriched, culminating in a fresh and knowledgeable approach to music.

Beyond the studio, TATE uses his platform for advocacy, remixing tracks like Terrell Carter’s “Hero” to highlight civil rights issues, and supporting war relief efforts with his unique spin on Justin Bieber’s “Hold On.” Now residing in Hollywood, LA, TATE isn’t just pushing musical boundaries—he’s also on a humorous quest for the perfect hoodie, showcasing his eclectic personality and creative flair.