JiLLi presents her Indie Electronic record, ‘Perfume’, debuting her original production and renowned vocal performance. With the track offering listeners the chance to immerse themselves in JiLLi’s signature creativity, delivering a lyrical narrative that is uplifting and meaningful, ‘Perfume’ no doubt appears as a powerful portrayal of JiLLi’s talents when it comes to creating music that can resonate with listeners worldwide. 

An Artist, Songwriter, Vocalist and Producer, JiLLi has landed on the scene as a multi-faceted creator, one who ensures an essence of authenticity comes through in each of her creative expressions. With previous projects that include vocal sample packs, like her ‘Passion Vocals’ collection, JiLLi approaches music creation in a way that is both original and unique, leading to work that pushes boundaries and stands firm in its distinctive characteristics. Having teamed up with gifted collaborators in the past, such as working alongside Jkyl & Hyde for the track ‘End Is Here’, this new release comes as an exciting addition to JiLLi’s musical catalogue, appearing as her first independent track: from inception to production, ‘Perfume’ is a sole expression of JiLLi’s own musicality, talents, and creative design, emerging as the ideal introduction to her captivating sonic world.   

The track opens with atmospheric melodies and a knocking beat as JiLLi’s vocals enter the mix, layering in different processed vocal textures to build the soundscape. As the groove is established with shuffled rhythms and pulsing underlying elements, the track leads through a vocal-led breakdown, keeping the harmonic intrigue with filtered chordal stabs and panned motifs. With JiLLi’s powerful vocals taking centre stage throughout, intricately weaving a sonic tapestry of emotive top lines and impactful harmonies, ‘Perfume’ surely makes for an engaging listen, inspiring in the lyrical narrative that relays the message of insecurity transforming into empowerment. As the arrangement continues to develop, with the return of the bold beat, incorporating panned details and a potent bass, the track appears unique and surprising in sonic character and structure, resulting in a refreshing listening experience. 

So, as she highlights her impressive abilities with this new track, JiLLi demands attention, ensuring genre lovers worldwide take note of her multi-talented creativity; one to keep following closely, make sure to stay up-to-date with JiLLi via social media, as this is an Artist who is no doubt on an exciting and promising path. ‘Perfume’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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