Cynthia Laclé returns with another hard-hitting Techno anthem, releasing ‘Chaos’ for her fans to enjoy. Having been making powerful waves across Electronic Music with each and every release, Cynthia Laclé is fast becoming a powerhouse talent within the genre and one worthy of the attention her work continues to garner. As she drops yet another electrifying single, Cynthia Laclé once again invites listeners on a pulse-racing sonic journey, presenting them with a track that is both stimulating in its unique sound and hypnotic in energy. 

Having been carving out a distinct and original path within Electronic Music, Cynthia Laclé continues to place her passionate enthusiasm for the genre at the centre of her work; as she produces music that remains continually high in quality, the talented Producer and DJ ensures that her striking talents and ever-evolving creativity continue to shine through. As she shows a continued evolvement with each of her productions, honing a signature style that takes Techno elements to curate a sound that is distinctly her own, Cynthia Laclé’s driven determination appears to continue to feed her innovative creativity. With a release catalogue that is rapidly growing, having just released her track ‘Abduction’ late last month, it is surely only a matter of time before Cynthia Laclé’s reputation grows even further. 

With ‘Chaos’, Cynthia Laclé’s original sound takes centre stage once again; detailed with thumping beats, gritty synth hooks, and an intense low end, the track delivers an invigorating sonic experience from the get-go, taking listeners on a mighty journey through driving rhythms, tension-building risers, and processed vocal samples. A production that no doubt epitomises Cynthia Laclé’s powerful signature style, ‘Chaos’ is certainly a must-listen for Techno enthusiasts and genre lovers looking to discover the adrenaline-fuelled vibes of this exciting rising star. 

So, be sure to keep watching Cynthia Laclé by following her across social media, as this is surely a Producer and DJ not to be missed. ‘Chaos’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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