Cynthia Laclé is back with yet another hard-hitting Techno banger for her fans to enjoy; titled ‘Abduction’, this new release is guaranteed to draw in listeners, immersing them in its hypnotic energy and relentless sound. Having consistently been adding unmissable productions to her release catalogue, Cynthia Laclé is quickly becoming one of the most thrilling talents currently on the scene, continually elevating herself to higher heights as she discovers new ways to innovate and excite. Now, with ‘Abduction’ proving to be yet another must-listen track, Cynthia Laclé’s reputation is only poised to grow further, making her a talent to keep watching.  

Known for her powerful, high-octane style, Cynthia Laclé’s music continually comes as a credit to her impressive skillset and passionate creativity; having set her career ablaze early on in her musical journey, winning the Dutch DJ Championships in 2017, Cynthia Laclé’s driven determination and love for the genre appears as the foundation to her approach, leading to music that is both captivating in sound and energy. With ‘Abduction’ coming as a culmination of her talent, abilities, and artistry, Cynthia Laclé’s newest production will no doubt impress as it offers a dark, layered soundscape detailed with pounding beats, intense melodic hooks, and growling sonic elements.  

Quickly propelling listeners into its hypnotising energy, ‘Abduction’ opens with an atmospheric layer of synths, soon incorporating a thumping beat to raise the mighty vibes one step further. With the track driving forward, full-bodied pads, a potent lead, staggering elements, and powerful risers join to build the intensity as the energy is released once again with the return of pounding rhythms and punchy details. A thrilling sonic journey, ‘Abduction’ should be high on the list of listens for both Cynthia Laclé’s fans and Techno lovers alike; proof of the stellar talent that continues to grow her status within the genre, ‘Abduction’ appears as a fresh, striking new track from this talented Producer and DJ.   

So, a talent to take note of, be sure to follow Cynthia Laclé across social media so as not to miss out on her upcoming releases or performances. ‘Abduction’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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