The talented Producer and DJ Angel Parilli unveils his latest track: a hard-hitting Progressive House production titled ‘Interstellar’. With a varied musical background that has seen him producing for Artists across genres, including Reggae, Trap, and Hip Hop, Angel Parilli approaches each of his tracks with the hand of an experienced Producer, one whose unique perspective results in distinct and original music. Now, with this new track, Angel Parilli ensures that both his talents and hard-hitting signature style are showcased, presenting a production high in quality and striking in sound. 

Having carved out a musical journey that has been nothing short of unique, it is Angel Parilli’s enthusiasm and love for music that continues to drive his creativity, seeing him developing his signature sound to remain consistently original and innovative within the dense and diverse landscape of Electronic Music. With a seemingly natural ability when it comes to producing music, Angel Parilli appears unrestrained to the limitations of one singular genre, instead choosing to feed his musical passion by producing work that spans across Electronic Music. Whether creating Progressive, Tech House, or Melodic Techno, Angel Parilli’s talents and distinct artistry shine through in each of his releases.  

‘Interstellar’ offers a listening experience that pushes musical boundaries to deliver a track that stands out; a journey of sonic discovery, the intricate layers that make up the soundscape of the production no doubt make for an intriguing and compelling listen, one filled with surprising and uplifting moments. Featuring hypnotic melodies, driving rhythms, growling pads, and punchy beats, ‘Interstellar’ certainly comes as yet another exciting release from Angel Parilli, cementing his name as one to keep watching as his reputation continues to grow.    

A fresh and inspiring new release, ‘Interstellar’ appears as a captivating listen and one not to be missed for both Angel Parilli’s fans and lovers of the genre. So, discover the magnetising sound of Angel Parilli for yourself by listening to ‘Interstellar’ now and be sure to keep Angel Parilli on your radar by following him across social media. ‘Interstellar’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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