Freekbass unveils ‘Change My Mind’, the latest Funk/Disco track to be added to his captivating collection of productions. As he drops this vibrantly energetic new release, Freekbass makes his stellar talents and original creativity known, offering a track sure to impress genre fans worldwide with its funky vibes and intense grooves. The track’s magnetising sound and infectious melodies result in a listening experience unlike any other, no doubt positioning ‘Change My Mind’ to become a new favourite amongst fans of the style; surely unmissable, this release from the talented Freekbass serves to prove both his originality and innovative artistry.  

Coming from the perspective of a live performer, having started his career as a bass player touring and recording with top Artists like Bootsy, Catfish Collins, and Buckethead, to name just a few, Freekbass appears on the Electronic Music scene with a distinct and unique style. A striking DJ, his approach towards music production and performance sees him incorporating live instrumentation into his tracks and live sets, distinguishing him as an innovative inventor, original in musical identity. As he brings his signature lively style and vibes into this new release, listeners will no doubt enjoy the punchy and uplifting sound offered by ‘Change My Mind’. 

With a bassline that dominates the groove throughout, ‘Change My Mind’ delivers a sonic experience sure to invigorate listeners, persuading them to join the dancefloor. As the track moves forward, catchy vocal hooks add to the infectious energy of the production, elevating the soundscape as funky guitar details and colourful sonic hits keep the listening journey varied and intriguing. With driving rhythms and bouncy elements, ‘Change My Mind’ certainly showcases Freekbass’ signature sound, shining a light on his musical talents and individual style. 

Now, as he delivers this must-listen new track, Freekbass once again establishes himself as a talent to watch out for, demanding attention with a compelling and engaging production. So, make sure to keep up-to-date with Freekbass by following him across social media. ‘Change My Mind’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms. 

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