March 20th, 2024 – Aggro-punk band, MALICE MACHINE has finally unleashed their long-awaited new single, “Hyena”.  The track will appear on the forthcoming full-length album, Act Of Self Destruction.

“Hyena” is about the forces and the decision makers that create chaos in the world and ultimately burn us all. It’s a message based on imagery and driven by bass and drums that’s expressed in the typical MALICE MACHINE fashion of unfiltered angst.. At it’s core, “Hyena” is a statement of anger about life, society and its leaders.

The new MALICE MACHINE album, Act Of Self Destruction will be available mid April, 2024.

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About the album, Act Of Self-Destruction:

Act Of Self Destruction is the latest album from MALICE MACHINE that introduces their original concept of Aggro-Punk. Inspired by their song “Corpse Painter”, from their previous album, Chemical Violence, they’ve meshed the harsh electronic synth, bass, and drum assault of aggrotech with the rebellious, raw energy, and to-the-point aspects of punk.

As with their previous releases, Act Of Self Destruction remains lyrically bleak, dark and foreboding, unleashing their unforgiving message upon the frenzy of their wicked musical sense. With this album, MALICE MACHINE feels it has found its identity.

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