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“Glitterball” emerges as a dreamy night brought to life by the captivating synergy of Gamuel Sori and the enchanting Reigns, on their first single of 2024! Gamuel, the beat wizard, intricately crafts a celestial house anthem with a soulful vocal that is a soundscape filled with mystery and wonder. As shimmering synths and otherworldly vibes are complemented by a pulsating bass that adds depth, Gamuel’s production is defined as creating a musical journey that feels like stepping into a fantastical realm, with tinges of disco and funk to bring the shimmer to the new year.

Reigns, with her deep and soulful voice, emerges as the enchanting guide through the night. Her topline delivery, laden with emotion, leads the listener through shadows and lights to unveil hidden wonders. The bass, a powerful heartbeat beneath the melody, adds a rhythmic intensity that draws you deeper into the heart of “Glitterball,” enhancing the allure and fascination, with Gamuel Sori, Reigns and Dee Adams penning the lyrics and coming together to collaborate on the musical direction, as the production was handled by Gamuel Sori himself.

Gamuel Sori is an Italian DJ and producer making waves in the Dance music scene. He has performed at some of Italy’s top clubs, captivating audiences with his unique blend of beats and sounds. Gamuel’s music style is a diverse fusion of genres, which he infuses with his signature style, creating an electrifying and unforgettable experience for his listeners. His music has been released on labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Musical Freedom, and Sony, and has gained recognition from industry professionals. In 2020, Gamuel achieved a milestone in his career when his track “Money’s Gone” was played on BBC Radio 1, propelling him further into the international spotlight. Gamuel Sori’s unwavering commitment, exceptional talent, and unique sound have established him as a rising star in the Dance music scene, and one to watch for the future. His ability to create a distinctive atmosphere and connect with his audience on a personal level sets him apart as a top-tier performer. Recently, Gamuel has collaborated with the global superstar, INNA, for the song “Party Songs”, which was #4 on the Swiss Dance Chart, and the single “Early In The Morning”, which was #5 on the Swiss Dance Chart. Moreover, his latest single, “Us”, gained recognition in Bulgaria, where it reached #29 on the Radio Chart and also in Romania, where the song entered the Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart reaching the position #29.

With an ever-increasing YouTube following exceeding 50K and clocking up over 6 million views, Reigns’s fan base is growing rapidly. The 24-year-old is fast becoming a much sought-after artist in her own right and also for featured collaborations amongst DJ/Producers worldwide. While building momentum via her social media platforms and also featured collaborations, Reigns has been creating her unique blend of dusty soulful blues and intoxicated pop. It is hard to liken her to any present female artist as her original and infectious sound pulls in influences from the many classics that she was spoon-fed as a child by her music-loving father. Her music is bold, emotive, honest, and heart-wrenching, merging a classic soul flavor with a modern synthesized wall of sound. Her every emotion is exposed as she draws you in with her powerfully raw vocals and takes you on her own journey of heartbreak and self-discovery. Each song is carefully crafted and nurtured with her writing partner and producer Dee Adam (Dido, Kaiser Chiefs, Andreya Triana) and together they have created what they anticipate to be Reigns’s debut album titled ‘Majesty’. BBC Introducing have been extremely supportive of Reigns, she has already had numerous plays of her new tunes on both BBC Introducing Essex as well as most recently BBC Introducing London. Reigns has had radio play on both Kiss and Radio 1. 

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