Elohim, the enigmatic musical force, unveils her latest single, “Can’t Remember Your Name,” on January 26th, marking a poignant chapter in her musical evolution. Following the raw and introspective track, “Broken Face,” released in December, Elohim delves even deeper into her psyche with this emotionally charged piece.

The single serves as a stark reflection of Elohim’s battle with mental health, particularly her experiences with prescription medication during her tumultuous fall tour in 2023. Struggling with overwhelming anxiety and panic, Elohim found herself immersed in a cycle of dependency on benzodiazepines, escalating to a dangerous level of consumption just to cope with the demands of performing.

“Can’t Remember Your Name” encapsulates Elohim’s journey with medication, serving as a haunting reminder of the highs and lows she encountered along the way. The track’s pulsating beats and ethereal vocals create a mesmerizing soundscape, inviting listeners into the depths of Elohim’s emotional landscape.