The influence of Italian DJ and producer Draxx is unmistakable. As 2024 approaches, he continues to chart a course of exponential growth in the electronic dance music scene, buoyed by a cascade of upcoming collaborations, remixes, and both domestic and international tours. Draxx’s artistry consistently sets the stage for groundbreaking contributions to this dynamic industry.

With his unique ability to infuse traditional tech house elements with innovative twists, Draxx’s tracks have become anthems in the dance music community. His electrifying productions are celebrated by industry leaders, earning prestigious spots on labels like Insomniac, Hellbent, Sola, Nervous, Nonstop, Glasgow Underground, and Moon Harbour. His 2023 collaboration on “TuTuTu” with Hugel, Malone, and Cvmpanile, released on Insomniac Records, garnered a huge swath of attention and was fervently supported by top influencers within the scene.

The year 2023 served as a major landmark in Draxx’s career – with a nomination among ‘The Future of Dance’ producers by 1001Tracklists. His remix of Kevin McKay’s “Work” notably broke into the top 10 on Beatport’s Tech House chart, resonating widely across the community. Similarly, his original tracks “WTF,” “Ponteme,” and the “Hayabusa” remix achieved impressive positions on Beatport’s charts and were featured prominently on Spotify’s ‘Tech House Operator’ playlist.

Draxx’s journey through the tech house genre is living proof of his impact and evolving legacy. As he orchestrates the music business that defines countless nights of revelry, his mastery remains a beacon for both aficionados and newcomers to the dance music world.