Over the course of the last year, singles from Emma Hewitt’s sublime ‘Ghost Of The Light’ album has seen her original versions coupled side-by-side with clubbier-minded collaborators, adding an extra layer of depth and dimension to the body of work.

Most recently, dancefloor fans from all corners have been treated to the likes of her x Solarstone link-up, ‘Children’ and ‘Fallen’ – her first x Roman Messer collaboration.

On her latest single ‘Lay Me Down’ (out today) she’s taken that process one step further still.

If you don’t recognise ‘Lay Me Down’ from ‘Ghost of The Light’, that is because the track actually whispered its way to life as ‘The River’ – an introspective and nostalgia-drenched ode to a former love from a different life, perfectly preserved in memory.

When Emma began work with German DJ-producer Pretty Pink (Anne Karolczak) on the release, neither realised quite how far they’d go in revolutionising it. To turn it into a set-weapon, Pretty Pink has shifted the song’s focus exclusively to its “lay me down” hook and heartstring-tugging “I can’t hear you now” refrain. To that she applied an equally infectious backing of cyber FX, technotic rhythms, rippling sub-riffs and 303-strafted mainline.

By the time all was said and done, the track’s transformation had essentially made it a new song entirely. Emma & Pretty Pink’s chrysalis-like journey from ‘The River’ to ‘Lay Me Down’ is available to stream and in stores today [https://blackhole.lnk.to/laymedown].


01: Emma Hewitt x Pretty Pink – Lay Me Down (Original Mix)
02: Emma Hewitt x Pretty Pink – Lay Me Down (Extended Mix)