Dance music don Ferry Corsten throws down a massive house track, ‘Yes Man,’ as the official rave anthem of Dreamfields Mexico 2023.

A provoking ragga vocal sample, dreamy pads, and soaring leads, ‘Yes Man’ bears all the calling signs of a festival banger that sends a crowd loco within seconds. Early track support from high-profile DJs such as Tiësto firm its resounding power in a live set.

‘Yes Man’ turns up the heat on the darker progressive house sound that we’ve become accustomed to hearing from Ferry Corsten as of late and yet another sound bite of the Dutchman’s forthcoming studio album due for release in 2024. The rampant kick drum and tantalising synth melody tease an air of nostalgia. Still, there’s no doubt that ‘Yes Man’ is a contemporary underground cut and one of Ferry’s most dynamic creations so far.

The man behind the music, Ferry Corsten, joins the expansive line-up of DJs at Dreamfields Mexico 2023. Performing on 18th November, no-nonsense house hitter ‘Yes Man’ will surely be Ferry’s most anticipated drop.

Ferry Corsten ‘Yes Man’ is out now on Flashover Recordings.